Overview of lion tattoos for men and their location

  1. Meaning
  2. Views and sketches
  3. Styles and colors
  4. Accommodation options
  5. Nuances of application

Lion tattoos are very popular among men. In this article, we will analyze what such a drawing can mean and what its varieties exist.


Lion tattoos are very popular among men. Many people apply such drawings only for aesthetic reasons, but not everyone knows that they also carry a specific message. The image of a lion symbolizes power, leadership, power and wisdom, because this wild beast is traditionally considered the king of all animals. This interpretation is especially relevant in China, where the lion is a symbol of the ruler. In addition, the image of this animal was often found on the coats of arms of the ruling dynasties, where it meant not only power and wisdom, but also the ability to defend oneself, to defend one's principles.

Buddhists also perceive the lion in a special way, considering it one of the incarnations of the Buddha. In Christianity, this image is interpreted in its own way. In this religion, the lion has a rather twofold interpretation. There, this animal means power, or rather, a test by it, which not everyone can pass: some simply become proud. That is, the lion among Christians is both a wise ruler and a hostage of excessive pride.

And in some cultures, the lion was the link between man and God himself or the sun. It is for this reason that the most majestic creatures from mythology had the same body parts that lions had. These creatures include the sphinx, which had a lion's body, and a griffin.

Leo also occupies not the last place in astrology. There he is protected by the sun and the fire element. A tattoo with such a zodiac sign, which is most often applied to their bodies by people who were born under it, means high self-esteem, the desire for fame and great success, the desire to achieve their goal at any cost.

Views and sketches

There are many beautiful options for male lion tattoos. The interpretation of such a drawing may vary depending on the specific plot features and details. So, a lion in a calm state will mean strength and wisdom. Such a tattoo will emphasize the leadership qualities of its owner and indicate that he is completely confident in himself and his strengths. If the lion in the picture is grinning, then this means the ability to protect yourself, your home and loved ones, as well as the desire to become a full-fledged leader who does not depend on anyone. And the image of only the face of a lion is considered the strongest talisman that bestows courage and great potential on a person, allowing him to cope with various difficulties in life.

But the image of lionesses on male bodies is quite rare, because most often such drawings are applied by women. Although a lion on a male tattoo may well be surrounded by a lioness and a lion cub. Such a drawing will indicate that its owner will never offend those who are weaker than him, will intercede for them in any case. Often a lion is also depicted on tattoos, participating in a fight with another animal or even with a brave warrior. Such a drawing literally screams that its owner is distinguished by fearlessness and is ready to fight for what is dear to him, to achieve his goal by any methods and means.

A tattoo with a lion, on whose head is a crown, will symbolize nobility, and also emphasize all the strong qualities that are inherent in a person: courage, determination and courage.A lion, with wings behind his back, will mean the interaction of the air and earthly elements, and also indicate a person's desire to find inner freedom.

But a tattoo in the form of the zodiac constellation Leo will not only indicate that a person was born under this zodiac sign, but also contribute to the strengthening of the best human qualities of the bearer of such a tattoo, and help to achieve inner harmony.

Styles and colors

A lion tattoo can be done in any color, usually this does not play a big role in deciphering the interpretation of such a pattern. Most often men prefer black and white images, as they look more strict and restrained. However, there are also those who do colored tattoos with a lion. Typically, such designs contain a large number of shades of red, which adds some aggressiveness to the tattoo.

If we talk about style solutions, then here the future tattoo owner is given a huge choice. Most often men get tattoos in the style realism... Such drawings are usually distinguished by their large size, they are detailed and look naturalistic, which attracts a lot of attention to the tattoo. No less popular is such a style direction as minimalism... Such drawings, on the contrary, are miniature and simple in execution, there are no additional elements in them, however, it is the uncomplicatedness that is the "highlight" of this style. Many people prefer just such tattoos because they easily hide under clothes.

The image of a lion also looks very interesting on tattoos in the style trash polka. This style has become popular not so long ago, but it is quite simple to distinguish it from others: the drawings made in this direction are very aggressive in content, they are flashy and defiant, which is achieved through the use of bright red and black colors when applying. Style watercolor for such a pattern is also relevant. Tattoos made in this way look very interesting due to the lack of clear contours in the drawing and some color blur.

In addition, such tattoos look quite bright, and due to the peculiarities of the application, it seems that the drawing was really made using real watercolor paint.

Used for "lion" plots and such a style as new school. Tattoos in this direction are also distinguished by their brightness, emphasizing the originality of their owner, however, they are distinguished by the presence of strict bright contours.

Accommodation options

You can get a lion tattoo on different parts of the body.

Shoulder and forearm

The upper arm and upper arm are the most common tattoo options. Usually in these places are large images in which there is a certain plot. In addition, when applying a tattoo on the shoulder, which hand you choose is of great importance.

So, it is believed that an angel sits on a person's right shoulder, that is, a tattoo in this area will help him develop the positive qualities that are inherent in a lion. A demon sits on the left shoulder, respectively, a person will develop negative traits in himself: aggression and rigidity.


The hands are a less common place for lion tattoos. Usually this area is chosen by people who want their tattoo to be always visible and attract the attention of others. However, only small tattoos, for example, in the form of a zodiacal symbol, are suitable for application in this place.

Neck and back

The neck is an area that is rarely hidden by clothing. For this reason, the tattoo applied in this place will be visible to others most of the time, informing them about the strengths of their owner.

But tattoos on the back and on the shoulder blades, on the contrary, will be hidden by clothes most of the time.For these places, large-scale drawings are best suited in which a specific plot will be present.

Chest and side

These places are also often used for tattooing with the image of a lion. Such drawings look very impressive and bright if the sketch was chosen correctly. The drawing applied in one of these places should not be too small, because in this case it will be practically invisible. However, drawings that are too oversized may look inappropriate in these areas, and therefore it is better to choose an image of an average size.

Thigh and leg

Both women and men do tattoos in the leg area, especially in the calf area.... Usually, small tattoos, elongated vertically, are chosen for these places. But men rarely do tattoos in the area of ​​the hips, usually drawings in this area are applied by women who want to emphasize their beauty and sexuality.

Nuances of application

Before going to the master, it is better to draw up an approximate sketch of the future tattoo, as well as decide on the place of drawing the drawing. When choosing a master, it is best to give preference to a real professional. The services of such tattooists are usually expensive, but this way you will be sure that you will receive a high-quality drawing that will not have to be redone later.

When choosing a place for a tattoo, it should be borne in mind that the process of application on some parts of the body will be very painful. In addition, when choosing a large-scale image, do not forget that its application can take a long time. The cost of such a drawing will be appropriate.

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