Types of bull tattoos for men and their meaning

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Bull tattoos are popular with men. We will tell you about the meaning of such a body drawing and which of its sketches are the most popular in this article.


The bull is a strong and powerful beast that frightens many people with its mere appearance. This is understandable: this animal has a powerful body, weighs at least a hundred kilograms and is distinguished by its waywardness and ferocity. It is interesting that in different religions, many deities had a bull's head, which is why bulls were very respected, and some peoples still worship this animal at the present time.

So, the Slavs believed that the bull was able to bring prosperity to the house, they associated it with power and wealth. In ancient Greek culture, this animal was considered sacred, many associated it with Zeus. According to the ancient Romans, the blood of this animal was able to saturate the body with vital energy. The bull had a different meaning in the culture of Buddhists, where the animal symbolized dignity, pride and a difficult character. In Iran, the bull represents awareness, wisdom and spirituality.

Hindus respect this animal, as it helps them in plowing fields and transporting things, and is also the personification of the presence of God Shiva on Earth. For this reason, bulls are perceived by them as the same cats and dogs, and therefore they calmly walk the streets. At the same time, few people dare to inflict any harm on the bull, because such an act is perceived by people as a spiritual fall. In Spain, the bull takes an active part in bullfighting, and also sometimes performs at the stadium.

If we talk about a tattoo with a bull, then such a drawing will symbolize strength, determination, courage, power, and also restless character. In addition, many are sure that a body drawing depicting this animal can also serve as an excellent talisman that will bring happiness to its owner and help to cope with any difficulties that arise on the way to the intended goal.

Types and sketches of tattoos

There are many options for sketches of male bull tattoos. Most often, only the head of a bull is depicted on a tattoo. At the same time, the mood of the bull is of great importance for the semantic load of the picture. So, a bull with a fierce gaze and nostrils swollen with anger, from which steam almost emanates, symbolizes readiness for action, stubbornness, determination and unwillingness to retreat. But a calm bull means wisdom and awareness. Such drawings can be performed in different style directions.

Men, as a rule, prefer such style solutions as trash polka and realism, but stylized drawings also take place and are no less in demand.

If desired, a tattoo depicting a bull's head can be supplemented with some compositional elements. For example, to decorate the bull's horns with vegetation or floristry, which will help to visually soften the pattern a little and give it a “zest”. You can also combine the image of a bull with the zodiac constellation Taurus, which will be especially important for those who were born under this zodiac sign. You can supplement such a drawing with images of planets and stars, which will only emphasize the astrological component of the tattoo.

Tattoos depicting a full-length bull are no less popular.

As a rule, a bull is depicted on a tattoo in a pose that indicates that it is about to attack. From such a drawing, you can make a full-fledged plot, depicting not just a bull, but a whole Spanish bullfight.


You can place a male bull tattoo on any part of the body. Many people, for example, prefer the places where they have scars, stretch marks or burns, because a tattoo may well help to close them. In general, it is necessary to choose a place for a tattoo, focusing on your own preferences, as well as on the peculiarities of the composition of the conceived drawing.

So, overall and wide images will look best in the area of ​​the sternum, back or abdomen, and large drawings, elongated vertically, will be better placed on the shoulder or forearm of the hand, on the sleeve or in the calf part of the leg. If you decide to give preference to a small drawing, which is a rarity for tattoos with a bull, then such a specimen would be best placed in the ankle or wrist area: it is in these places that it will look most appropriate and beautiful.

When choosing a place to apply, do not forget to sensibly assess your resistance to pain, because the process of drawing in some areas, for example, in the area of ​​the face, knees or ribs, is very painful. This is due to the fact that the skin in these places has a large number of nerve endings or is too close to the bone. Think if you can endure the whole process of drawing. If not, then in this case we recommend placing the picture on a different part of the body.

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