Modern wall murals - this year's trends

  1. This year's trends
  2. Which ones to choose for your apartment?

Wall murals are a worthy alternative to traditional wall coverings. About what varieties are popular today and how to choose the best option, read on.

This year's trends

The main task of modern wall murals is to accentuate the space, create a certain atmosphere in a particular room. They highlight the wall or part of it, bringing freshness and a sense of style to the everyday design.

They focus on the realism of the image. Today, wallpaper is not just a drawing. They imitate the texture of any building material, visually expand the space, endow it with light and comfort.

Coatings with embossing, textures of glossy and matte marble, natural leather, porcelain stoneware, varnishing effect are popular. Textured canvases for uneven and two-tone stone, colored masonry, brick, Venetian plaster are in fashion.

All sorts of textural shapes with elements of abstraction are relevant. Popular compositions are watercolor and abstract spots, stained glass honeycombs, multi-colored triangles, zigzags.

Jacquard, sandy, thread textures, deco designs and antique fresco coverings are still popular. Surface under frost, canvas, burlap and painting are fashionable. Imitation of a particular texture makes the image more reliable.

Woven textures are in fashion. The most popular solution today is imitation of coarse linen fabric with plain weave threads. Pictures and panels look great against its background.

Realism of paintings and natural tones are in fashion. Popular wall coverings with high print quality, sharpness of contours, image depth. The size of the picture can be accurate and enlarged.

Varieties with a play of light and shadow are popular. Wall murals with shadow accents and highlights are extraordinary, as are gradient textures with a smooth transition of tones.

The dynamic effect is in vogue. A classic example is images in motion. These can be balls crumbling into cubic parts, giant parts of a Rubik's cube with the effect of slow motion.

A fresh solution was the image of marble walls from rectangular fragments with the effect of removing some figures and pushing others. Visually, they look like a shelf wall.

Wallpaper on the theme of the future looks fresh and unbroken. The motives are different, they are often intertwined with the space theme. For example, it can be metal spherical objects hovering in space.

Which ones to choose for your apartment?

The visual effect of coatings is determined by the quality of the substrate, surface texture, and design.

When choosing fashionable photo wallpaper for decorating a room, it is worth considering: smooth glossy paper does not convey the texture of a brick. Rough is not able to reflect the beauty of the seascape.

It is important to decide on the type of printing, which is standard and premium. Variants of the second type are manufactured using high quality pigmented inks with rich color, which are resistant to fading.

Inks are latex, eco-solvent, ultraviolet. The first ones instantly freeze after printing. The second contains a solvent, they are easy to clean. UV wallpaper hardens without being absorbed into the coating layers.

Price is not always an indicator of quality and aesthetics. It happens that with all the high cost of the canvases are simply ugly and spoil the look of the interior. It is also important to consider the method of drawing a picture.

Type of material used

Self-adhesive PVC wallpaper with a smooth surface is more expensive than others.However, they are also the most difficult to stick. This requires experience, because they do not provide for peeling and adjusting.

Paper wallpapers are the cheapest. Most often they are bought for temporary masking of wall defects (for cosmetic repairs after a flood) or in a children's room. They are easy to work with, but they get wet quickly and can tear.

One of the most popular varieties is vinyl photo-wallpaper with non-woven and paper backing. They are durable, aesthetic, pleasant to the touch.

Non-woven coverings are flexible. They are great for accentuating walls in homes that are shrinking or built on shaky ground.

Plot selection

The picture on the wallpaper should be expressive. It can be seasonal, but should always be integrated into the interior design concept.

If the store's catalog does not contain the desired option, you can order a print of the image of the desired size and style. For example, a winter landscape will perfectly fit into a Scandinavian interior.

The living room in a country mansion can be decorated with a canvas depicting palm trees, the sea coast. In an eco-style or safari design, you will need photomurals with tropical animals (zebras, giraffes, lions).

Much depends on the perception of the drawing and style. If it is weakly expressed, it is worth choosing a three-dimensional semantic accent. For example, panoramic views of London and New York will look beautiful in the living room.

Solid wall covering is appropriate in the interior of the bedroom. The plot should be soothing and relaxing. Popular options are flowering branches against a background of fanz, sakura petals.

Popular images

Popular photowall-paper subjects are varied. Giant flowers and huge diamonds were replaced by tropical compositions, a mix of geometry and minimalism.

Mixing of plant elements and birds is popular.

Coupon print looks unbroken, in which the size and density of the pattern decreases from top to bottom or vice versa.

Wallpaper with feathers comes into vogue, canvas with a 3D effect has not lost its popularity. However, in comparison with what was produced earlier, modern drawings are more creative and reliable.

For example, an unusual design - the effect of a broken brick wall with flying bricks. An extraordinary and three-dimensional image of a corridor with panoramic glazing against the backdrop of an evening metropolis.

Interesting canvases with the effect of lighting. For example, with an imitation of backlighting with a tape or point spots against a brick or stone background. It is fashionable to combine 2 themes into one composition (watercolor or abstraction on a brick background, a combination of stone and clinker).

The options for the hall are varied. The texture of burlap is popular against the background of a broken brick wall. A realistic fireplace with burning wood looks beautiful in the guest area against the background of the sofa.

Selection by interior and area

Wall murals should not visually complicate the space. Their task is to add to it what is missing. If the room is small and cluttered with furniture, it is advisable to choose a small accent.

If the room has a lot of accessories or it is overloaded with textures, laconic wallpaper is needed. A simple coating with an unusual texture is enough.

In a teenager's room, on the other hand, you need brightness and dynamics. The ideal option is graffiti murals, made against the background of a brick or concrete wall.

In the nursery, it is worth taking options with a magical forest, heroes of your favorite cartoons and fairy tales. The composition is selected taking into account the arrangement of furniture and the age of the children living in the room.

In an apartment with a studio layout, you can choose textured wallpaper. They can zone the space of the kitchen, dining, living area. Photo wallpaper is chosen for one wall to highlight a specific area.

Since all furniture is arranged in an island way, overloading should be avoided. Suitable coatings for brick, clinker, marble, concrete, plaster.

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