Overview of pattern tattoos for men and their placement

  1. Types and sketches of tattoos
  2. Styles and colors
  3. Locations

There are a huge number of interesting tattoo ideas for men. Not only sketches with aggressive animals or significant dates are popular, but also no less original subjects with patterns. In today's article, we will provide a detailed overview of such tattoos for men, as well as understand their successful placement.

Types and sketches of tattoos

Nowadays, men often stuff tattoos on their bodies in the form of various variations of patterns. Most often they are monochromatic, but there are also colored specimens. Each person decides for himself exactly how to supplement this or that part of his body.

The purpose of patterned tattoos can be completely different. As a rule, each person himself puts certain meanings into such images. For some people, such a tattoo does act as a beautiful element that has no specific meaning.

Consider several different types and sketches of stylish men's tattoos with patterns.

  • Tattoos with patterns are very popular among the representatives of the stronger sex, forming a certain figure. It can be a mythical creature or a fairy-tale character, for example, a dragon.

Such drawings look brutal, but uncomplicated in a simple black design, without the use of colored details.

  • Those tattoos, which consist of many small details and geometric elements, look especially original and expressive. Such patterned compositions attract a lot of attention. They can be performed in different colors and shades.
  • Uncomplicated patterned lines with pointed ends / edges look masculine and simple... They can be intertwined with each other, forming a single composition. Often, such patterns turn out to be aggressive, they are often stuffed on the forearm, chest or back.
  • Patterned men's tattoos with Celtic motifs are very popular and fashionable now. Such images can be created more voluminous, with shadow and tint transitions. In their implementation, not only black, but also other colors are often used, for example: dark green, brown, red, and so on.

Patterned sketches of attractive male tattoos can be very different: both as simple as possible, and complex, with a large number of small details.

Styles and colors

Fashionable tattoos depicting variations of patterns can be sustained in various styles. Among them there are both very simple and the most complicated ones. The latter, of course, are best trusted by first-class tattoo artists with extensive experience in creating complex designs.

Let's take a look at what styles are best for creating a harmonious male tattoo with patterns.

  • Geometry... This style direction is becoming more and more popular every year. The style of geometry provides for the presence of clear stripes. As a rule, in patterned compositions implemented in this spirit, not only simple lines are provided, but also geometric shapes of different sizes.
  • Tribal... Insanely popular style among men. It is in this direction that the largest number of tattoos-patterns are stuffed on different parts of the male body. Tribal is a modern take on a variety of patterns and ornaments.
  • Ornamental... A very interesting style that attracts many body art lovers. Tattoos made in a similar direction immediately attract attention, because they look voluminous and have many details.Patterns made in this style can resemble intricate wood carvings.
  • Trash polka. Drawings in this direction demonstrate frank brutality, flashy color combinations, and outright aggression. Most often, such tattoos have a combination of red and black shades. The patterns implemented in the style under consideration will definitely not be ignored by others, since they look very unusual and bold.
  • Volume... A style that only experienced and qualified tattoo artists can master, since it is very difficult to implement. Patterns that are performed in a similar direction are made as natural as possible, looking like real volumetric, not painted objects.
  • Blackwork... A style that is especially in demand among men. From its name, you can understand which paints are used most when applying tattoos. Patterned compositions in the blackwork style are performed in black and white combination, they look masculine.
  • Polynesian... No less brutal are intricate tattoos based on the Polynesian style. This direction from year to year is becoming more and more popular and fashionable. Polynesian tattoos are dominated by elements with deep symbolism. Drawings are made up of many different ornaments, stripes, dots, geometric shapes and other components.

Each person chooses for himself which style of patterned tattoo he likes best: gothic, minimalistic or ethnic.

If it is difficult to make a choice in favor of a certain direction, it makes sense to consult with a tattoo artist who will inject the tattoo.


For tattooing with patterns, men choose a variety of areas of the body. For this, both the shoulder and chest, and areas on the back are suitable. Find out where the sketches in question look best.


As a rule, a drawing with a pattern on a man's shoulder symbolizes the orderliness of reality.

In addition, images that play the role of effective amulets from evil forces and negativity are very often transferred to this place.

It is generally accepted that the semantic load of a tattoo on the shoulder reflects the man's spiritual humility.


In many cases, the representatives of the stronger sex prick patterns on the forearm. In this zone, intertwining compositions of high complexity are most often found. They usually contain many parts of different sizes. Also, in the area under consideration, a drawing made in a fashionable style of biomechanics or graphics is appropriate. The meaning of these variations is most often exclusively decorative.


Many body art fans love wrist tattoos. Most often, those drawings that are punctured here reflect the main type of human activity, as well as his creative capabilities. Patterned compositions and intricacies may well relate to masculine feelings, since it is in the area under consideration that you can hear the heart rate.

Palm, brush

Almost the entire arm is suitable for depicting tattoo patterns. A man can apply the chosen pattern to his palm or brush, as well as to his fingers. Usually, the tattoos present in the listed areas are of an openly demonstrative nature. Such drawings indicate a person's non-standard thinking, his creative inclinations, self-confidence and self-confidence. As for the images on the palms, they often turn out to be more personal.


The sleeve is not just a large and expressive pattern - it is a full-fledged complex canvas that covers absolutely the entire surface of a man's hand. The semantic load of the figures under consideration depends on what elements they consist of. Basically, a sleeve tattoo serves as a great way to effectively express yourself.


Men's tattoos on the neckline look interesting and sexy. Nowadays, this area for pricking is more often chosen by young guys, as well as creative individuals. Not too large patterns are located on the left or right, as well as on the lateral parts of the neck. But on the back side, patterned compositions are stuffed at times less often. In this zone, tattoos are most often pierced by the most courageous and self-confident persons.


Often, a man's tattoo with patterns is stuffed on the sternum. You can put a variety of meanings into the images that are present at the indicated place. Moreover, in this way, a person has the ability to hide a certain message, which will be clear and understandable only to himself.... In ancient times, tattoos, which were applied to the chest of a person, were considered a kind of "defenders" in battle. People believed that in this way they ward off any danger from themselves.


A patterned tattoo can also be pierced on the side of a person's body. Today, in this area, drawings are most often placed in a 3D volumetric style. The most interesting and creative looks are those images that are made in the direction of biomechanics or abstraction. It should be borne in mind that Celtic motifs on the side are rarely practiced, since organics look much more harmonious here. The semantic load of the drawings, pinned here, usually turns out to be very personal, hidden from the people around.


The specified area is currently chosen for tattooing mainly by women and girls. Men choose this part of their body for tattoos only in exceptional cases. The meaning of a tattoo in this place, as a rule, is highly intimate.


The most neutral zone for tattooing is the man's back. It is in this area that the representatives of the stronger sex most often prick certain images, including patterned compositions. Neat patterns in the Scandinavian, Polynesian or Celtic directions look especially attractive and harmonious here.... In addition, such a pattern on the back can demonstrate a person's belonging to a particular nationality, style taste, as well as an era that is as close as possible to a man.


Tattoos, which are on the shoulder blade, not only serve as an aesthetic element, but also have a certain therapeutic effect. It is in this area that men, in many cases, pierce all kinds of charms and patterns that have the deepest sacred or religious meaning.


The tattoo pinned here plays the role of a personal decorative component. Through such an element, masculinity and strength of male legs can be distinguished.

On the leg, you can stuff almost any variation of patterns - almost any style is allowed.

You will learn how to care for a tattoo immediately after application by watching the following video.

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