Geometric style tattoos for men

Geometric style tattoos for men
  1. Overview of Figures
  2. Performance styles
  3. Colors
  4. Location options

Many people get tattoos on their bodies. Currently, there are a huge number of options for wearable designs. Geometric style tattoos for men are very popular.

Overview of Figures

Such tattoos in the form of animals (wolves, bears, deer, birds) look spectacular. They are drawn using straight and thin lines. The result is a neat schematic drawing.

Often, drawings in the form of simple geometric shapes are stuffed on various parts of the body, most often they depict a ball, a square. The first option symbolizes the universe, globality, planet. The ball was considered a reflection of eternity, a world without war. The second option symbolizes order, stability and stability.

A triangle-shaped tattoo carries a deep meaning and sacred meaning. The geometric figure reflects the indivisibility of three components: soul, mind and body. Sometimes the figure represents cyclicality: birth, life and death.

Some people prefer triquetra. It is a sacred sign with tremendous power. In Scandinavia, the triquetra was a symbol of the God of Thunder.

A good option would be abstraction in the style of geometry. It can be done in plain black and white or in color. There are no clear meanings in such tattoos.

Performance styles

Geometry tattoos for men can be made in various styles.

  • 3D... Three-dimensional tattoos are perfect for those guys who want to show their dynamic life. They are three-dimensional and fairly realistic pictures. The 3D effect is achieved by combining lines and geometric shapes of different sizes and colors, shades. The designs of such pictures can be very different.

Often, when creating images, unusual optical illusions are used; they are made by combining circles, lines, squares.

  • Large tattoos. Large geometric tattoos with massive ornaments will suit almost any man. Despite the rather large size, such wearable images will look organic and effective. Most often they are stuffed on the chest and arms. They are characterized by a complex ornament and special detailing.
  • Minimalism... These geometric patterns are most often done by girls, but they can be perfect for guys too. They are simple drawings in the form of well-known figures, most often they are small in size.

Often, paintings are supplemented with various small elements in the form of arrows, hearts, letters, symbols.

  • Flowers and plants. This option is also more preferred by the fair sex, but many sketches can be suitable for men as well. Geometric images with lotus, rose and sakura look spectacular. Flowers are complemented by drawings in the form of even monophonic triangles, circles, squares.
  • Watercolor... These body paintings are created with bright colored spots and splashes. Outwardly, they will look like watercolor paintings by artists. Most often, a black and white geometric sketch is first depicted, and then it is complemented by colored decorative elements. At the same time, this direction is characterized by the most smooth transitions from one color to another. The background in this case is drawn without contour lines.


Geometric men's tattoos can be done in a variety of colors.

  • On white background. A black even sketch on a white background will look beautiful and neat. Such images will look as harmonious and graphically accurate as possible. All details will be clearly visible due to the background.
  • Black and white... This option is considered classic.As a rule, black and white wearable pictures carry deep and complex meaning. Two-dimensional sketches in this range are beautiful and laconic.
  • Colored... Color sketches most often depict abstract compositions. With a variety of colors, you can easily create interesting visual effects.

Location options

Geometry tattoos will look good on various parts of the body. Many people stuff such drawings on hands... In this case, you can make a great composition over the entire limb. For pictures of medium or small size, you can choose the shoulder or forearm.

Large geometric compositions can also be printed on back... This zone is considered the most convenient for creating a wearable pattern due to its large area and rigidity.

On the back it will be possible to depict a drawing with a large number of additional elements.

Another suitable area would be legs... Often paired tattoos are stuffed on them. If you wish, you can make an image on the calf, thigh. Often they create large compositions that occupy the entire area from the thighs to the calves.

A suitable place is considered and neck... On this part of the body, you can depict a small geometric tattoo. It can be done both in black and white and in color. Sometimes they make a spectacular transition from the neck to the back, resulting in a large body pattern.

Sometimes similar paintings are depicted on belly... In this area, you can also fill a large composition with geometric shapes. If desired, part of the image is applied to the chest part. If necessary, the pattern can be easily hidden under clothing.

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