All about men's back tattoos

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Types and sketches of tattoos
  3. Styles and colors
  4. The nuances of placement

Tattooing from year to year is gaining popularity as the best option for high-quality body art. So, there are a lot of attractive and original sketches that look especially impressive on a man's back. The article will focus on male tattoos applied in the specified area.

Advantages and disadvantages

Representatives of the stronger sex decide to pin this or that image on various parts of the body. This can be the shoulder, and the forearm, and the chest, and the back.

On the back, many images look especially expressive and unusual, so men often turn to this version of body art.

Before pinning a color or black-and-white sketch on your back, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with all the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution. First, let's find out what are the main advantages of tattoos on the back.

  • The main advantage of tattoos on a man's back is their aesthetics. Sketches look especially impressive and attractive on muscular and tanned backs. If the composition is made with high quality and sustained in a single style, then its artistic value turns out to be very great. In addition, tattoos on men's backs attract so many girls.
  • Back tattoos are practical. At the considered place of the body, you can implement almost any variation of the drawings, without thinking about how society will perceive them. Even if the dress code is very strict at work, a tattoo on the back will not be able to interfere in any way. The drawings on the back are completely hidden under the clothes, so only the closest people can easily see them.
  • The considered variations of body art are unchanged. It should be borne in mind that the skin on the back is least of all subject to deformation, which cannot be said about other areas on the human body. Moreover, even if the growth of the back muscles occurs, the situation can be kept under control so that the drawing does not deteriorate.
  • The very procedure for applying images to a man's back is simple, not causing unnecessary difficulties. Since the drawings on the back are often large, men often worry about too much pain. There are no grounds for such fears, since the nerve endings in the area of ​​the body in question are under the fatty layer.
  • It is much easier to fill even the most intricate and complex images on the back. This is due to the fact that this area on the man's body is wide enough, relatively even and smooth. The choice of a pattern for a tattoo on the back can be absolutely anything.
  • The structure of the spine greatly facilitates the work of the tattoo artist., since it makes it possible to build perfectly accurate symmetry and composition as a whole.
  • Tattoos on a man's back will need mediocre maintenance. After carrying out all the procedures, the wounds will only need to be covered with film and clothing. Healing is usually quick and trouble-free.

The only important limitation is that the person cannot sleep on their back during the recovery period.

Tattoos on a man's back are characterized not only by many advantages, but also by a number of disadvantages.

  • The main disadvantage of tattoos in the area under consideration is hidden in their final cost. A large drawing, involving a large number of small and intricate details, can cost a tidy sum.
  • It often takes a lot of time to complete all the necessary work to decorate a man's back. If the tattoo is planned to be quite large, then it will be applied in several stages. The man will have to periodically return to the tattoo parlor to complete the selected sketch.
  • It is advisable to trust only highly skilled craftsmen with extensive work experience to work with the back. Despite the fact that working with this area is relatively simple, applying large-scale images will require certain skills and abilities from the tattoo artist. If the specialist is inexperienced, then the drawing may turn out to be of poor quality.

It makes sense to apply any images on a man's back only after familiarization with all the pros and cons of such a solution. You should not rush with a tattoo. It is important to soberly weigh the pros and cons.

Types and sketches of tattoos

On the men's back there is the possibility of applying a huge number of different sketches. Most often, body art lovers prefer to prick complex and large professional drawings here. Of course, there are also areas on the back where small sketches look very good, which can also have a deep meaning.

Consider what the different types and sketches of attractive tattoos on a man's back can be.


This version of the sketch is very popular among the stronger sex. It can be a separate element, or it can be a part of an overall large composition - both solutions are acceptable. The lettering on the back can be printed in different languages. In recent years, inscriptions in English or Latin are the most popular and in demand.

In the recent past, inscriptions in the form of hieroglyphs were relevant, but nowadays such options are no longer as fashionable as before. Moreover, to apply such images, it is necessary to carefully select a master who will not make mistakes in complex inscriptions. Today it is better not to refer to such images. Very often, the inscription, impaled on a wide male back, is the motto for the life of its owner. This feature must be remembered and always taken into account, if there is no desire to change the tattoo applied every year.

Animals and Birds

The back is a wonderful area for the large animal print. If a person wants to emphasize and highlight his masculinity and brutality, he should take a closer look at the sketches with predatory and aggressive animals. Wild and domestic animals can be impaled to their full height, or they can only be stuffed in certain fragments. The grinning faces of wild animals are very popular - such solutions are especially in demand among men.

On a man's back, not only formidable tigers, bears or wolves can be stuffed, but also characters such as fish or birds. Through such drawings, it is also possible to emphasize certain traits of a person's character. For each person, they mean something different. So, the shoulder area is ideal for applying wide-spread wings. If a really talented master is working on the drawing, then the image can turn out to be truly amazing.

Among the representatives of the stronger sex, drawings in the form of scorpions, poisonous spiders or aggressive snakes (for example, cobras) are very popular. Such patterns also look very good and original on the back.


Through a tattoo on the back, a person can express their religious views and feelings. As a rule, in this case, crosses, Christian symbols, angels, images of saints are chosen as drawings. These patterns are the most common, they are chosen for application most often.

In some cases, men prefer to stuff paired tattoos on their backs. Similar sketches can also be made in the theme of religion.

Abstract and mystical

Compositions made in abstract and mystical themes are no less popular. Such drawings can be very different. Sketches made up of chaotic interweaving of lines and patterned elements look very impressive and aesthetically pleasing on the man's back. These details can form a certain pattern, for example, the outlines of mythical creatures, dragons or wild animals. Often abstract tattoos are composed entirely of geometric details. Abstractions can be either monochrome or colored.

Many men really like mystical images. Most often, the choice falls on drawings with skulls and angels, crows, owls against the background of a full moon with stars and other similar details. Often, it is in mystical sketches that men put the deepest and most meaningful meaning.


The ideas of a tattoo for a man's back do not end on the listed topics. There are many other interesting topics in which a tattoo can be performed.

  • Images of various heroes stuffed on a man's back are in demand. It can be not only a brave gladiator or a superhero, but also a funny cartoon character - there are a lot of options. It is worth noting that such tattoos should not always be taken seriously. Often, their presence reflects only a person's sense of humor, and not his belligerent inclinations.
  • There are many interesting and non-standard sketches.which people often stuff on their backs too. For example, it can be a large or small target. This detail can be supplemented with other elements - patterns, crosses, and so on. For each person, such a tattoo has a certain meaning.
  • Images of weapons on the back are popular. A shield and a sword, large axes and tomahawks will look courageous and brutal. Such drawings can be made in different styles and color variations.

If it is too difficult to dwell on a specific sketch, a tattoo artist will help you choose the best option. It is worth discussing this issue with him before all procedures.

Styles and colors

When choosing a pattern to be applied on the back, you should pay special attention to its style. Let's consider which directions are the most popular today and what features they have.

  • Trash polka. A very unusual style. It belongs to one of the varieties of art brut. Drawings in this direction combine graphic design and classics, as well as indicative negligence. Outright confusion is often traced in the sketches. Trash polka is especially popular among young people as well as kitsch lovers. Such tattoos literally demonstrate a protest against all rules and frameworks.
  • Biomechanics. In recent years, this style has become very popular and fashionable. It is characterized by careful drawing, realistic appearance, and the presence of volumetric details. The aesthetics of biomechanics are shocking and get a lot of attention. Tattoos in this style look great on a man's back, but only the best masters should be trusted to apply them.
  • Celtica. Tattoos in this style exhibit intricate interlacing of lines. Often one pattern is united by one continuous strip, forming knots and folds. In one tattoo, different components can be combined and passed into each other. In the central part of such compositions, there is often some important symbol surrounded by cunning interweaving of patterns.
  • New school. On the back, a man can get a very original tattoo in the style of new school. Such sketches demonstrate bright and saturated colors, the presence of catchy acidic shades is allowed. In addition, the designs have pronounced black outlines. Sketch sizes can be very large, so the back is great for drawing.
  • Old school. The theme of tattoos made in this style is most often marine. Drawings depicting an anchor, a heart, a swallow, a rose, a steering wheel and so on are relevant. The style is very popular not only among men but also among women. It is most often chosen by lovers of everything bright, but at the same time quite simple.
  • Ornamental. Ornamental style tattoos look gorgeous on the back. Most often, animals, plant compositions, patterned details and ornaments are chosen as plots. Ornamental is characterized by the use of predominantly black color, their relief and clarity are emphasized in the drawings.
  • Realism. The name of this style speaks for itself. The images, sustained in the direction of realism, look as naturalistic as possible, show clear tint transitions and shadows. There are no special requirements for the use of color gamuts - a realistic image can be either color or black and white. On the back, such sketches look especially chic and effective.
  • Fantasy. The style that flaunts on the man's back is simply amazing. The main feature of this trend is high aesthetics, the ability to create unique and incredibly beautiful designs. All shapes, colors and plots can be absolutely any.
  • Horror. Often, men decide to stuff a tattoo on their backs, designed in this non-trivial style. Horror almost always causes shock and great surprise in the people around him, so a person who chooses such a style should be brave and self-confident. Most often, tattoos in the direction of horror are shown by images of zombies, vampires, characters from classic horror films.
  • Chicago (chicano). A feature of this style is that all drawings are made in black, have clear and pronounced contours. Chicano tattoos are characteristic in the form of a short inscription, consisting of one word or phrase. Sketches must be developed only by a specialist who is well familiar with the features of this technique and style.
  • Japan. The Japanese style is very often chosen by men for back tattoos. As a rule, such sketches contain clear and vivid details, as well as drawings of sakura, tiger, dragon, koi carp, phoenix, maple leaf, and so on. A large tattoo depicting a samurai looks impressive on the man's back.
  • Blackwork. Tattoos in this style are composed of large black elements showing a uniform dark coloration. It should be borne in mind that blackwork tattoos are different based on other directions of the specified style. We are talking about dotwork, ethno, art-brut, Buddhism.
  • Polynesia. Another popular style among men, which is often reflected in tattoos on the back. Polynesia has several stylistic ramifications such as Borneo, Oceania and Haida. The style is combined with another direction - dotwork. Can show clear and original ornaments that look very impressive and brutal.
  • Organic. Interesting and non-trivial style, characterized by a combination of flesh and organic details. Images can contain both real and fictional elements. In the drawings, the effect of a three-dimensional image is maximally achieved, all textures are worked out with the utmost care. Bright and saturated colors can be applied.
  • Hyde. The tattoos carried out within the framework of this trend are a modern interpretation of the ancient drawings that the Indians of the Haida tribe applied to their bodies. The style is far from standard as it is based on the art of tribal tattoos. When creating such images, 4 main colors are most often used: black, red, blue and green.
  • Greek. Tattoos made in this style are still relatively new.The Greek direction is often chosen by men of various age groups. The style assumes the theme of romance and travel. Through spectacular and intricate ornaments, a person can emphasize the dignity and beauty of his own body. Greek tattoos look especially aesthetically pleasing in motion.

The nuances of placement

Consider in which zones on the male back you can stuff different versions of the tattoo.

  • Men often prefer to hammer their backs completely. Often, large-scale drawings go beyond the back, affecting the neck, sides, shoulders. These sketches look very impressive, but they take a lot of time to apply.
  • Large tattoos look courageous and brutalthat are applied to the upper part of the male back. Such options for body art are insanely popular, they are chosen most often.
  • The images that are stuffed on the shoulder will also look good., lower back, along the spine or in the area between the shoulder blades. These options are more popular among women, but men can also choose them. The main thing is to take a responsible attitude to the selection of the sketch and its style.
  • In most men, the shoulder girdle is well developed.gradually tapering towards the waist. To emphasize this feature and the relief of the muscles, a certain sketch should be created, taking into account such nuances.

You should select a specific area for tattooing in consultation with the tattoo artist who will work on it. The specialist will be able to suggest which zones are ideal for a particular image, and which ones are better not to choose at all.

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