All about the Sagittarius zodiac sign tattoo for men

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Views and sketches
  3. Styles and colors
  4. Accommodation options

Zodiac tattoos are now popular not only among women, but also among men. Such a wearable pattern can become not just a decoration for the body, but also a kind of amulet for someone who believes in astrology.


The male tattoo depicting Sagittarius can have several different meanings.

  1. Wisdom. The image of Sagittarius is associated with the myth of the centaur Chiron. This hero of Greek myths was a talented shooter and a famous sage. After his death, the constellation Sagittarius appeared in the sky. Therefore, it is believed that the owners of the tattoo depicting this archer are under the protection of a wise patron who protects them from making wrong decisions.
  2. Forward movement. A tattoo in the form of this zodiac sign also symbolizes a constant movement forward and a craving for self-development. The fantastic creature stands firmly on the ground, but at the same time strives to explore all the unknown. Body drawing will suit a person with the same life principles and a constant desire for development.
  3. Energy. Sagittarius is a zodiac sign related to the fire element. Therefore, a tattoo with his image is suitable for bright people who know their worth and are not afraid of any obstacles. To emphasize their "fiery" qualities, a person can complement the tattoo with an image of a flame.
  4. Courage. The image of a man with a bow in his hands is also a symbol of strength and desire to protect himself and his loved ones. Such tattoos are usually stuffed in a conspicuous place.
  5. Purposefulness. The image of a bow with a taut bowstring symbolizes the pursuit of a goal.

A tattoo depicting a zodiac sign can be just a symbol of a person's love for everything mysterious and mystical.

Views and sketches

Sagittarius tattoos are often combined with other symbols.

  • Weighing pan. This symbol emphasizes the unity of the two elements. Libra can be in the hands of a star archer, or next to him. Such a tattoo can be filled with your soul mate.
  • Jupiter. The patron saint of the zodiac sign Sagittarius is the planet Jupiter. Therefore, the constellation or the figure of an archer can well be depicted against the background of this planet or next to it. A similar sketch will appeal to all space-themed tattoo lovers.
  • Fire. A bow or arrow surrounded by fire looks very nice. As a rule, such tattoos are done in color. The fire in the sketch can be either orange-red or bluish.
  • Space. Tattoos made on a space background look interesting and unusual. Such a body pattern usually symbolizes a person's craving for everything unknown.
  • Constellation. Choosing neat minimalistic tattoos, you should pay attention to the real images of the constellations, consisting of individual stars. As a rule, such drawings are made simple and monochrome. They are stuffed either on the hands or on the neck. A star tattoo can be done as part of a larger design. It will go well with other sketches.
  • Patterns. Tattoos complemented by Celtic patterns also look interesting. Ornate drawings can surround the image or be adjacent to the image. An image of an archer surrounded by unusual patterns can become part of a black-and-white or color "sleeve". This tattoo should be complemented with other Celtic-themed details. This will make it more interesting and unusual.
  • Armor. You can emphasize the strong character of a man by filling the body with an image of an archer in armor. Such a tattoo is a symbol of determination and self-confidence.

Zodiac tattoos are also often complemented with various inscriptions. Usually, the date of birth, name or life motto are stamped next to the picture. Fans of minimalistic tattoos can try to fill the body with a graphic image of this zodiac sign or a bow and arrow. Such wearable designs can be combined with other symbols by printing on the fingers, neck or wrist.

Styles and colors

Men most often get simple black and white tattoos. Such drawings are universal. They suit most men and look good on the body.

It is quite possible to add colors to the tattoo if desired. As a rule, a red pigment is used for this purpose. Scarlet details help to emphasize the activity and energy of Sagittarius. Travelers and people seeking spiritual purity can use blue details to create a tattoo. Various shades of purple will add mystery to the sketch.

When choosing the style in which the drawing will be made, you need to focus only on your preferences.

  • Realism. Tattoos in this style are the most detailed and interesting. Masters working in this direction can draw all the muscles on the body of a centaur. This makes the drawing look like a real painting. But, having decided to get a tattoo in this style, you need to be especially careful about the choice of a master. Otherwise, the drawing will not be as beautiful as we would like.
  • Minimalism. For men who prefer simplicity in everything, a minimalist tattoo is suitable. Such a discreet pattern will look beautiful on an arm or leg.
  • Geometry. This stylistic trend has appeared relatively recently. Such tattoos are performed with black paint. They look very simple, but that doesn't make them less attractive. Usually, only a separate part of the drawing consists of geometric shapes.
  • Old school. This stylistic trend also attracts many modern men. The drawings look very simple. A minimum number of colors are used to create them. Colored details are always complemented by a black outline.

If desired, several different stylistic directions can be combined with each other. In this way, you can create truly unique and unusual sketches.

Accommodation options

Zodiac tattoos can be placed on any part of the body. It all depends on the person's lifestyle, as well as on the size of the drawing.

If there is a need to hide a tattoo, it is placed in those places that are usually hidden from prying eyes. The zodiac pattern can be positioned on the side or chest. Often, such tattoos are stuffed around the neck. Such tattoos are suitable even for office workers.

A voluminous and interesting pattern can be stuffed on your hand. Star designs look good on the shoulder, forearm, or wrists. Miniature images can be stuffed on knuckles. Various symbols associated with this sign can be depicted on the fingers. For example, an arrow, a bow and stars.

Much less often men get tattoos on their legs. When they decide to get such a tattoo, they usually place it on the ankle. But for a tattoo with Sagittarius, an exception should be made. A person who wants to use such a body pattern as his talisman should be placed on his feet. In this case, the tattoo will add decisiveness, confidence and readiness to conquer new heights.

If you carefully approach the choice of a tattoo and a place that suits him, the symbolic drawing will not get bored with a person over time.

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