Description of male fox tattoos and their placement

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  2. Types and sketches of tattoos
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Fox tattoos are quite common. What they mean for men, and what sketches of such tattoos exist, we will tell in this article.

Total value

Male fox tattoos are not very popular, most often such drawings are applied to their bodies by a female representative. However, men also make such tattoos, guided by purely aesthetic considerations, without thinking about what they mean, while such drawings carry a specific message.

The traditional interpretation of the image of this animal is cunning, seduction and deceit. It is with these qualities that the Slavic peoples have endowed the fox from ancient times. Moreover, some peoples associated the fox with dark forces, namely, with hell and the Prince of Darkness.

This interpretation was especially relevant in ancient Rome, where this animal was perceived as a symbol of evil.

Native American tribes, by contrast, perceived the fox as a sacred animal, symbolizing goodness, honor and good fortune. But among the inhabitants of China, the fox is considered a symbol of success, luck and longevity. This image has a similar interpretation in Japan: there the fox means wealth, helps to increase profits at times, and also helps to improve business skills.

By the way, in China and Japan, the image of the fox has a special meaning: there it is associated with Kitsune, who is called nothing other than the nine-tailed fox. This is a fictional creature from mythology with magical powers and feeding on human energy. The interpretation of this image is very contradictory. On the one hand, Kitsune is distinguished by its cunning and mysteriousness. On the other hand, this fox brings good luck, promotes prosperity in terms of business and finance, and is also a symbol of the highest degree of development of human abilities.

Types and sketches of tattoos

There are many options for sketches of fox tattoos for men. Most often, the fox is depicted as an independent image. It can be a whole fox, a whole family of foxes, or just a fox's face. Such a tattoo will mean a sharp mind for a man, the ability to find a way out of difficult situations and ingenuity. Moreover, if the fox grins or prepares to attack, then such a drawing also means that its owner is distinguished by his strength, decisiveness, and is ready to defend what is very dear to him.

And if a fox sneaks, it means that a person is dangerous and capable of much in order to achieve what he wants. Often, the background of such drawings is the image of a forest or other natural landscape, which is typical mainly for large paintings, and adds zest to the tattoo.

Often on men's tattoos with a fox, there is also an image of a skull. Such a drawing also has a specific meaning, it symbolizes a connection with another world, rebirth. Often, such tattoos also mean experience, wisdom and prudence. But a tattoo depicting a fox and a dream catcher will have a special, sacred meaning. Such a tattoo will serve as the strongest amulet that can protect its wearer from evil spirits, as well as from bad dreams. Fox tattoos surrounded by flowers are also very common, which looks very impressive.

Such plots are applied by men a little less often, because such a combination indicates a softness of character and sensuality. However, such a drawing is quite suitable for real romantics. Often, such tattoos are complemented by various Japanese symbols. Usually these are hieroglyphs and various inscriptions.Such drawings look very interesting, and their meaning may vary depending on the content of the text or hieroglyph.

However, before applying an inscription on your body in a language you do not know, it is recommended to clarify its meaning in order not to get into an awkward situation in the future.

Styles and colors

A fox tattoo can be made in any color, this does not affect the meaning of the picture. In general, men most often prefer black and white tattoos, but drawings with a fox still look better in color using bright shades. - this makes them more effective and interesting. However, black and white tattoos will also look decent when done correctly.

If we talk about the style of the future tattoo, then here, too, there is a fairly wide choice. So, most often men give preference to such a style as realism. Typically, such drawings differ in their dimensions and high level of detail, due to which the tattoo looks very naturalistic. In contrast to this style, there is a direction such as minimalism, which is also in demand. Such images, on the other hand, are distinguished by their compactness. They are miniature and simple in execution - this is what many people really like.

Fox tattoos made in watercolor style look very interesting. Drawing in this style turns out to be very bright, but at the same time light and delicate, as if it were painted with watercolors. The main feature of this style is the lack of clear contours of the pattern, which makes the tattoo so effective. The style of new cheekbones for such drawings will also be appropriate. Drawings made in this style direction also differ in their brightness, however, they have clear and bright outlines.

When choosing a style, you should pay attention to such a direction as geometry. Images in this style, as a rule, are complemented by a variety of geometric shapes, zigzags and lines, which makes the drawing more interesting and gives it a special meaning.

So, the abundance of rounded lines in the drawing will indicate a softness of character, while a large number of zigzags will speak of a person's impulsiveness and decisiveness.

Location options

A fox tattoo can be placed on any part of the body. For those men who prefer large tattoos, masters usually suggest making a drawing on the back, shoulder or forearm of the hand. The area of ​​the hips is also suitable for such drawings, but it is rarely chosen by men. Usually she is preferred by women who want to emphasize their beauty and attractiveness. But small drawings are most often located in the region of the ribs, ankles, wrists and collarbones - these are the places that are popular for tattooing with a fox among both men and women.

In general, the choice of a place for application depends only on the preferences of the person and the size of the picture. However, we note that when choosing, you need to soberly assess your resistance to pain. So, if you are distinguished by increased sensitivity, then in this case you should choose such areas of the body, the skin on which is far from the bones and joints, otherwise the application process will be very painful.

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