Aries zodiac sign tattoo for men

Aries zodiac sign tattoo for men
  1. general description
  2. Overview of options and sketches
  3. Where to place?

Tattoos depicting the zodiac sign Aries are often applied by both women and men. What significance such a drawing can have and which tattoo sketches with this sign are the most popular, we will tell in this article.

general description

Aries is the first zodiac sign that belongs to the fire element and patronizes people born in the period from March 21 to April 20... He is often associated with a ram.

As a rule, people are born under this zodiac sign, which become successful and popular in the future. Usually, such people are characterized by stubbornness, a positive attitude, activity, impulsiveness and perseverance. They are ambitious, straightforward and even sometimes belligerent, they tend to often ignore other people's opinions. Such people usually go ahead to their goal, they do not tend to panic in front of difficulties, they calmly overcome them and move on, achieving what they want at any cost.

Generally speaking, Aries is traditionally considered a messenger of spring, the onset of warm and sunny days, the awakening of nature. However, in order to find out a deeper interpretation of the meaning of this image, it is necessary to turn to the cultures of different countries.

For example, among the Western tribes, Aries was considered the personification of belligerence, ardor and stubbornness. In Islam, it is perceived as a way of manifesting sacrifice, and in the culture of Ancient Egypt, this animal personified polytheism.

In ancient Greek culture, Aries was associated with the most important of the Olympian gods, with the god of thunder and lightning, the mighty Zeus. In India, this animal is still perceived as a symbol of protection from the gods.

It is also interesting that one of the myths is associated with this zodiac sign among the Greeks. So, according to this myth, in ancient times, King Afamant lived in Boeotia. He had a wife, Nephela, who was the goddess of heaven, and two children - a daughter and a son. However, after a while, the king married a second time to Ino. She was cunning and cunning, but at the same time very beautiful, which bewitched Afamant. Nephila was expelled, because of which a drought fell sharply on Boeotia.

The new chosen one of the king began to convince her husband that the gods need to sacrifice his son so that they have mercy and return the rains. Nephela could not allow this, and therefore created a golden Aries in a thundercloud, which took her daughter and son, taking them up. This is how this zodiac sign appeared. Further, Aries was sacrificed to Zeus, after which he became a full-fledged inhabitant of Olympus, where he gained honor and respect from the gods for his bravery and courage.

Now it is worth mentioning about a tattoo with this zodiac sign. It suits not only those who were born under it. Often such a picture is applied to their bodies by people who are insecure and modest. Such a tattoo helps them gain confidence in their own abilities, become more stubborn and assertive, learn to achieve their goal. However, people who already have similar qualities also often apply such a tattoo, wanting to emphasize their best features with it. Moreover, such a body pattern can serve as a strong talisman, which will help to gain inner strength, as well as a good amulet that will protect its wearer from the evil eye.

Overview of options and sketches

There are many options for male tattoos depicting such a zodiac sign as Aries.

  • Most often, people give preference to sketches where the constellation of this zodiac sign is present. As a rule, such tattoos are performed in the style of minimalism or dotwork. If desired, such a pattern can be diversified with various decorative details.To do this, you can use, for example, images of planets, galaxies, the universe, stars and more, which will help emphasize the astrological component of the tattoo.
  • The Aries symbol, depicted in the form of the letter V with curls on both sides, is also perfect for quality.... It is often used as an independent drawing. In this case, it can be made in a classic black color or with the addition of specific elements at the discretion of the bearer of the future tattoo.
  • Tattoos depicting the head or skull of Aries will also look very interesting. Such a drawing can serve as both an independent image and an addition to a drawing with a constellation of a given zodiac sign. Both options, if executed correctly, will look very interesting and impressive. It should be noted that such drawings, as a rule, look very gloomy and aggressive. However, they can be diluted and somewhat softened by using additional elements. Various floral patterns are perfect for this.
  • No less often, the image of Aries is complemented by various geometric shapes, which gives the picture a special zest, makes it more vivid and effective.
  • Such variants of the image, where the animal is surrounded by tongues of flame, also look interesting., because Aries is a sign related to the fire element. Such a drawing will only emphasize the hot character of its owner, indicate his impulsiveness and decisiveness in terms of decision-making.

Where to place?

To choose a place to place a future tattoo, you need to pay attention to its scale and plot. It is worth considering your own wishes.

Most often, small tattoos with this zodiac sign are placed by men on the wrist or on the ankle.... It is there that miniature tattoos look most appropriate and neat. But large drawings in these places are unlikely to look as impressive.

They are best placed on the sternum, in the region of the ribs, shoulder blades or on the back - in these places wide images, stretched horizontally, look especially good. If the drawing is distinguished by its elongation, then it would be best to place it on the calf part of the leg or on the shoulder.

By the way, tattoos are often applied in order to hide certain imperfections of their body, in particular scars, scars, stretch marks or burns. Aries tattoo is also suitable for this.

When choosing a place for a future tattoo, it is also necessary to take into account the fact that the process of drawing in some places can be very painful... This is especially true in places where there are a lot of nerve endings or where the skin is very close to the bone, and the fat layer in this area is almost absent. These areas include the knees, ribs, face, and the area of ​​the hands. When choosing a site, evaluate your pain tolerance and sensitivity level, and then consider if you can endure the entire application process. If the answer is no, then in this case it is worth considering changing the place for application.

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