Types of compass tattoos for men and their meaning

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Overview of options and sketches
  3. Styles and colors
  4. Location methods

Compass tattoos have been very popular with travelers and sailors since ancient times. What features such tattoos have for men, their meaning, methods of location, and will be discussed.


Choosing a sketch in the form of a compass, many do not always think about what this drawing symbolizes and what its meaning is, but fill it in because of its attractive and unusual appearance. At the same time, such a drawing has a philosophical meaning.

Such wearable pictures are more often chosen by men, although women often pay attention to such options.

The meaning of a compass tattoo can be different. Consider what these drawings mean for men.

  • Love for wandering and travel. Usually, wearable designs with the image of an anchor are chosen by sailors, adventure seekers.
  • Determination. Often, purposeful men who achieve their goals give preference to such tattoos. Men who choose a compass tattoo are decisive, they know exactly what to strive for and how to achieve it. Such a tattoo is a kind of amulet. The device will help to indicate the direction, protect during various travels.
  • Loyalty. Compass tattoos are suitable for everyone who loves the sea, ocean. It is ideal for those who are looking for adventure and love to travel. Compass images will become a symbol of loyalty. Often, this option is chosen by men who live far from their relatives, but who want to show love and loyalty. Despite frequent travel and separation, such a man will be faithful to his chosen one.
  • The compass tattoo is a symbol of protection and home. Often they are chosen by people separated from each other for various reasons. This underwear pattern can become a motivational stimulus that helps to achieve a goal. The arrow of the device will show in which direction to move towards the intended target.
  • Lovers of conquering new peaks, discovering unknown places will also choose a similar image. In this case, the main symbol is often depicted next to ships, planes or maps. This will make the meaning of the tattoo more varied.
  • The runic compass (Chinese) means that a person, according to the Ji philosophy, seeks to find the right path. The Scandinavian runic symbol will become a kind of amulet against evil spells, the evil eye.

Overview of options and sketches

Anchor tattoos for men can be performed in different variations, in different styles, using a variety of colors. Choosing a compass as a body picture, many supplement it with different elements, which gives the drawing a new meaning. So, the image of a rose in the picture denotes the love of wandering, because the rose is a symbol of love.

In combination with a compass, the meaning of the tattoo changes somewhat. A man who has chosen such a sketch is a loyal and reliable companion. For sailors, such a tattoo will mean longing for their homes. The color of the petals in the picture and their location also play a role. For example, withered petals are a symbol of fleeting life.

One of the most common options is the combination of a compass with an anchor, which ensures the stability of the vessel, its stability. The combination of these objects in one drawing indicates a person who is carried away by the sea. Clock variations are also quite popular. The owners of such a pattern will no longer simply waste their time, but will begin to use it as efficiently as possible. Drawings with sailing ships or ships are usually filled with experienced sailors.If the ship is located next to the compass, this is evidence that the owner of the tattoo was able to visit various places around Cape Horn. And also such a picture can tell about belonging to pirates.

One of the more popular options is the swallow tattoo. Such tattoos were in great demand among sailors. It used to be customary to stuff one bird next to the compass for every 5000 miles traveled. This was the basis for judging how experienced the sailor was.

In addition, watches, maps, crosses or skulls are stuffed next to the compass.

Styles and colors

When filling a body drawing, you should choose in advance a sketch, all the details, choose a style, think over in what shades the picture will be executed. One of the most common options is the image of a marine navigation device in black. This makes the sketch more realistic and attractive. The mechanic's style is ideal for such a tattoo, the tattoo will look very organic and natural. This option is often chosen by men.

Using different shades makes the tattoo more vibrant. Watercolor style tattoos always look spectacular and eye-catching. In addition, drawings with a compass decorated in Chicano, traditional, old school and other styles will look very interesting.

Location methods

Tattoos are stuffed on any part of the body. But the most successful places for tattooing with a compass are arms, chest, back, legs. The place where the drawing is applied plays a significant role.

  • Tattoos on the shoulder or forearm are usually stuffed with self-confident individuals. In addition, it is a convenient place for office workers who want to hide the drawing due to the strict dress code.
  • On the hand, nautical tattoos are often stuffed in color, although monochromatic options are in demand.
  • The back is the most suitable place for the location of large, large-scale drawings. On the back, such pictures will look very stylish and unusual.
  • Tattoos with a compass on the chest will look no less impressive.

You can often see paired tattoos on a marine theme, where the compass can act as a primary or additional symbol. Such wearable pictures are often stuffed on both forearms and wrists.

Many men also prefer to get tattoos on their legs, but more often you can still see such drawings on the forearm and arms. In these places, the images will look the most advantageous.

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