Variety of men's ankle tattoos

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Views and sketches
  3. Styles and colors
  4. Nuances of application

The variety of male ankle tattoos is huge, despite the fact that the space is not so vast for experimentation. But even for this part of the body, it is quite possible to choose a tattoo, which at the same time will become an original decoration, and will be endowed with a certain and often very important meaning.

Advantages and disadvantages

Men's ankle tattoos have their pros and cons, and you should definitely pay attention to them when choosing both the plot and style.

If we talk about the pros, then they include:

  • a tattoo can always be hidden from prying eyes, but if you wish, it is quite possible to flaunt it, especially in summer;
  • the size of the picture in this area is usually minimal, which means that the session itself will not last long, and this will cause very small costs;
  • The tattoo is in a convenient place in terms of accessibility, so it will be very easy to take care of this part of the body after application, no outside help is needed.

As for the cons, they are also present:

  • it hurts to make a tattoo on the ankle, the skin in this place is quite thin, there is a bone next to it, there is no fat layer, so you have to endure;
  • if the tattoo was not done in the summer, then contact with clothes is inevitable, and for healing this is not a very good option;
  • in this place, the drawing is subject to constant contact with shoes, clothes, so it is likely that it will have to be updated after some time.

Views and sketches

Mostly tattoos on the ankle are small, but even in this case there is a choice for men, and quite extensive, you just need to understand what you really want.

  • Quite popular images for men are drawings in the style of biomechanics... And although the area for such images should be extensive, even on the ankle it is possible to fill in some specific detail and thus decorate the leg.
  • Very often you can find all kinds of inscriptions on the ankle.and this is really relevant. But sayings should not be too lengthy. Something capacious will come in handy. It can be as simple hieroglyphs with a certain meaning, and short philosophical sayings in different languages. Favorite quotes, lines from poems, important dates and names are not excluded. Often paired tattoos are made on the ankles to strengthen their connection with a loved one. And then the phrase can begin with one, and end with another.

As for hieroglyphs and sayings in different languages, you always need to know exactly what they mean and how they are translated.

  • Besides, various signs and symbols can also be placed herethat have a certain meaning for their owner. For example, the signs of the zodiac can be attributed to this category. Images of runes will also be an interesting option, only you should follow the choice. After all, most of them also have an inverted image, which must be taken into account. Yin and Yang are also popular signs.

Images of plants, birds, animals and insects are a separate category. There are a lot of options. Let's consider the most popular ones.

  • Birds Is a symbol of freedom, lightness, wisdom, inner harmony and purposefulness. It all depends on the type chosen. It can be an owl, an eagle, a swallow, and even a mythical phoenix.
  • Animals also provide unlimited scope for choice. Miniature options are suitable that will look organic on the ankle. These include, for example, a turtle, a fish, a dolphin, a cat, a shark, a crocodile, a lizard. If we are talking about large animals, such as, for example, a lion, tiger, bear, wolf, then these may be their tracks.
  • Insects - another option for a tattoo.Ladybugs, spiders, bees, beetles, dragonflies, butterflies - all these representatives will perfectly fit on this leg area.
  • Plantsthat can be present on the ankle of men are also varied, and each of them will carry its own meaning. A peony will symbolize energy, a rose will tell about love, a dandelion will serve as a talisman, and a lotus will become a sign of spirituality and wisdom.

A few illustrative examples, perhaps, will help someone decide on the choice of a future tattoo.

Such a neat fish will look quite dignified on the ankle.

The variant in the form of an anchor-palm tree, rather, speaks of a love of sea travel.

And the starfish looks very harmonious in this place, and most importantly, very realistic.

The dragon flying over the mountains looks impressive. It seems that there is not enough space for such a tattoo, but for a good master, nothing is impossible.

The wave is also ideal, it will tell about the love of freedom and adventure.

A miniature cactus looks appropriate and is a good solution.

Styles and colors

When choosing a style for placing a tattoo on an ankle, it should be borne in mind that not every style is suitable for a small tattoo. Therefore, it is worth dwelling on those that will look the most organic, and there are not so many of them, since many styles initially provide for the drawing of the smallest details, catchiness and brightness.

  • Minimalism is a good option. For a small space, you will have to pick up some one detail, and this particular style will be appropriate.
  • The graphics are also worth considering. With the help of black and white images, you can easily apply small drawings, as well as make an inscription.
  • Biomechanics somewhat limits the possibilities, but if you really want to, you can choose a certain part or mechanism that can be placed on the ankle.
  • If you make a high-quality image of the same insect or animal, then the 3D version will be quite appropriate. It will look original.
  • Dotwork might work too. With the help of dots, it is quite possible to apply any image, even on a very small area.

As for the color solutions, it all depends on the desire of the owner of the tattoo. Of course, a tattoo in black and white will look very laconic, but color options will also become quite interesting. It is not at all necessary to dazzle in this case.

It is enough to choose 3-4 shades, or even less, to get a tattoo on the ankle.

For example, to depict a crocodile, two shades are enough: black and green. For a bee, you only need three colors: black, yellow and white, for a ladybug - black and red.

Nuances of application

To place a tattoo on the ankle, you should take into account some of the nuances. First of all, it is worth remembering that tattooing an ankle is not a pleasant procedure. But each person has their own pain threshold, so it is quite difficult to say unequivocally how painful it is. In addition to choosing a good salon and an experienced craftsman, you should think about other things that are equally important:

  • before going to the tattoo parlor, it is necessary not to visit solariums and limit exposure to the sun;
  • after applying a tattoo, you also cannot visit the sauna, the beach, but you need to use healing creams so that the process proceeds faster;
  • clothes should be chosen loose and do not allow it to rub against the injured area, the same applies to shoes.

It is worth considering such a moment as the complexity of the picture. The simpler it is, the less time the master will spend on it, the cheaper his work will be. With increased complexity, everything will be the other way around.

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