All about Latin tattoos for men

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  4. Where can you locate?

One of the most common types of tattoos is Latin inscriptions. Such sayings are not only a kind of decoration, they also carry a special meaning. There are many options for their placement, types. For each aphorism, a different font and style can be used. The article will discuss the features of body pictures in Latin for men, the most commonly used fonts and locations.


Often, men put an inscription on the body in Latin. They differ in deep meaning, not always clear to others. That is why many of them are supplemented with translations in a language understandable to the tattoo carrier.

Latin has long been spoken by many famous scientists, doctors, famous researchers, historical figures. Latin is used today in the Vatican.

Although you rarely hear this language in everyday life, the demand for it in the world of tattoos is simply extraordinary.

There is an explanation for this.

  • Every word, quote or saying has a deep meaning. According to the majority, the presence of such a tattoo can radically change the life of the owner of the tattoo.
  • The inscriptions in Latin on the body look very impressive and unusual both for the owner himself and for the people around him. Phrases without translation attract attention and make you think about the meaning of a tattoo. Translation options allow you to get a complete picture.

Such images will be harmoniously combined with other tattoos, giving them a finished look. They can be used in combination with religious symbols, with animalistic paintings, as well as with other objects or symbols.

Overview of options

Native sayings in Latin are performed in different styles, using different techniques. They can be stuffed in the form of an ornament, pattern, give a curved look or other unusual shape.

The most important criterion when choosing such an inscription is its subject matter. Among the most popular options are tattoos about love, friendship, religious sayings and philosophical quotes.

Phrases about love are among the most requested options. These can be sketches with or without translation. The owner of the tattoo, having chosen such an image, is trying to convey the state of his soul.

The most common options include several inscriptions.

  • Amor vincit omnia, which means "Love conquers all."
  • Sayings about life are no less often used. The choice of such a tattoo allows you to judge a person, his purpose in life. The dictum Audaces fortuna juvat in translation sounds like this - "Fate helps only the brave."
  • And also you can often see the famous quote Dum spiro spero, the translation of which is "While I breathe, I hope."
  • Many are familiar with the dictum Memento mori, which reminds us that we must remember that everyone is mortal.
  • The inscription Carpe diem, as it were, complements the saying written above. "Seize the moment" - this is how it literally translates.

Considering that life is fleeting, it is necessary to enjoy every minute, not missing any opportunity to learn something new, to be with family and friends, to learn a new business.

  • Sayings about friendship are also very popular, as evidenced by variants like Magna res est amicitia (“Friendship is a great thing”).
  • Motivational phrases are the most requested tattoos. Those who strive to move forward and win should pay attention to the quote Vivere est vincere.

This motivating saying is perfect for motivated people who are used to achieving what they want.

  • There are many interesting options in Latin dedicated to family, mother, loved ones, relatives. Liberi mei vita mihi sunt can be seen in many men and women.

Such an inscription clearly makes it clear how important a role in a person's life is played by his children and family.

If large sayings in Latin require scale, then they can be replaced with a simple laconic word that can also convey the whole meaning.

Among the words-inscriptions, several options are considered popular.

  • Amor. Hardly anyone does not know the translation of this word, because love is the most important component of any person's life.
  • The same can be said about the word Familia, which means family.
  • Credo - I believe.

There are many words or quotes in Latin that allow you to convey the inner state of the owner of the tattoo. Philosophical sayings and inscriptions on religious themes also apply to them. These include the words of famous figures, scientists, celebrities.

Often, a person who has filled such tattoos adheres to the same rules that were inherent in celebrities.


Any font can be used for inscriptions in Latin, but more often a Gothic font is chosen for this, since it was they who originally applied such sayings.

For those who adhere to classic trends, it is better not to deviate from the rules and use gothic.

Phrases made in the Gothic style are more suitable for men. Women tend to prefer sleeker options like calligraphy.

Where can you locate?

When choosing a place for such a tattoo, it should be borne in mind that the meaning of the tattoo and the message that I would like to convey depends on this.

Usually men make tattoos-sayings:

  • on the back;
  • on the forearm;
  • on the chest;
  • in the neck;
  • on the wrist;
  • on the palm and knuckles;
  • on the side;
  • on the thigh.

On the back, it is usually customary to do large-scale paintings. This area is ideal for a variety of sayings or phrases written in large letters.

A favorite place for a tattoo is the shoulder. This is ideal for tattoos on the theme of family, marriage, love, friendship.

Quotes on the forearm will look no less impressive, because this place most often falls into the field of vision of people.

It is customary to fill in words that demonstrate the life position of their owner.

The ideal place for small tattoos is the wrist. Here you can fill in only one laconic word, or break a quote by depicting it on both wrists.

Palms and fingers are often chosen as a place for motivating phrases, because it is the hand that is most often looked at.

The arm is considered one of the most successful places for any tattoo. The sleeve tattoo allows you to fill the whole composition.

At the same time, it is important that the image itself and the meaning of the quote are combined and interact with each other.

Place tattoo quotes on the neck. More often they are chosen by men who are ready for new achievements and changes.

If the choice fell on the chest, then here it is better to fill in phrases that have personal characteristics. These can be phrases that help protect from evil forces and difficulties, attract good luck and luck.

The inscriptions on the side often look like declarations of love for a family, a certain person or for God.

As for the hip, statements about passionate love or friendship are allowed here. At the same time, it is not customary to stuff texts on a religious topic on the thigh.

Tattoos on the legs are also relevant. This is especially true for motivational texts that relate to moving forward, striving for a goal.

When choosing a sketch and location, you need to think in advance whether you will have to hide men's tattoos under clothes with a strict dress code.

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