Overview of the Capricorn tattoo for men and their placement

Overview of Capricorn tattoos for men and their placement
  1. general description
  2. Overview of options and sketches
  3. Locations

Tattoos with images of the zodiac signs are now popular not only among girls, but also among men. Capricorn is one of those symbols that can inspire many to create interesting and unusual sketches.

general description

This zodiac sign is used in many cultures. Its rich history helps to understand the meaning of the mysterious symbol.

  1. America... In the culture of the American Indians, there was an image that combines the features of a dragon and a fish. He was considered to be God's helper, helping people to get to know the world better and achieve all their goals.

  2. Greece... The image of Capricorn is also associated with the ancient Greek demigod Pan, the son of Hermes. He was considered a symbol of fun and riotous lifestyle. Very often he was depicted next to the ancient Greek god of winemaking.

  3. Europe... In different European countries, this image was treated negatively. He was associated with dark forces and even with the devil himself. In addition, it can symbolize a person's ability to resist a crowd.

People born under this zodiac sign are characterized by determination, dedication and the ability to stand firmly on the ground in any situation.

A tattoo depicting this zodiacal symbol can emphasize the following features in a person's character.

  1. Tenacity... A tattoo depicting this unusual creature can become a symbol of perseverance, as well as the ability to go forward to any goal.

  2. Equilibrium... The image of Capricorn combines the features of an animal and a fish. In fact, the tattoo is a symbol of the harmony of the two elements. Her body image helps to balance her character and become stronger.

  3. Optimism... Capricorn descending from the sky can also symbolize a person's connection with the sun. Therefore, a tattoo with his image emphasizes a person's optimism and leadership traits.

To get a tattoo with the image of Capricorn on the body, a person does not need to be born under this zodiac sign. It is believed that such a drawing can give any person strength and self-confidence.

Overview of options and sketches

You can depict the zodiac symbol on the body in different ways.

  • Mythical animal... Most often, people interested in astrology choose tattoos with a full-fledged image of Capricorn. All the features of this creature are visible on a detailed tattoo. A similar drawing in the form of a mythical animal looks very impressive.

  • Goat head... The image of Capricorn can be encrypted by stuffing an ordinary goat's head on the body. Such a tattoo can be done in the style of realism or graphics. Most often, it symbolizes the straightforwardness and steadfastness of a person, as well as his willingness to always move forward without fear of something.
  • Constellation... The sketches, which are a cluster of stars, look interesting. As a rule, they are connected to each other with thin lines, or they are drawn around a contour. Very often, instead of full-fledged stars, dots of different sizes are stuffed on the body. But these contour tattoos are not very popular among men.
  • Graphic sign. Such a simple and minimalistic drawing does not take up much space and symbolizes a person's craving for simplicity. Such a versatile pattern will fit on any part of the body

Next to the image of the mythical character, you can also stuff other symbols that emphasize or change the meaning of the tattoo.

  • Nature... Since Capricorn is a sign associated with the element of the Earth, some natural objects can be placed next to the image of this character. These can be mountains, hills, or forests. You can complement the tattoo with the image of foliage, branches or flowers.

  • Watch... The image of a clock next to the main drawing symbolizes the fast running of time and changes in a person's life. You can stuff both a beautiful dial and an hourglass on the body.
  • Patterns... You can also surround the selected symbol with patterns. Most often, people choose Celtic or tribal symbols for this purpose. These patterns look great on the male body. Such a drawing helps to emphasize the strength of character and belligerence. Most often, tattoos with patterns are made monochromatic and as simple as possible.
  • Eye... The image of the eye symbolizes a well-developed intuition. It is usually placed over the head of a goat. Very often the eye is enclosed in a circle or triangle.
  • Scull... Bones and skulls are always associated with death. Those who are interested in everything mystical and otherworldly should complement their tattoo with them. In addition, such a body pattern can act as a symbol of the absence of fear of death.
  • Celestial bodies. A tattoo depicting a constellation goes well with drawings of various celestial bodies. Next to the star pattern, you can place the sun, moon or the planet Saturn, with which this zodiac sign is associated. All these signs are quite possible to depict in one picture.

You can add a universal male tattoo with an inscription in Latin or a date. As a rule, the person's date of birth is filled next to the zodiac sign.

When choosing the style in which the drawing will be made, you can not limit your imagination. Tattoos with constellations or mythical characters can be both realistic and made in the style of old school, minimalism or graphics.

The color of the tattoo also plays an important role. Most men prefer simple monochrome tattoos. They look simple and concise. You can add a little color to the picture if you want. When creating a sketch of a zodiac tattoo, you should pay attention to natural shades. The most popular colors for such tattoos are brown, dark green, gray. You can add militancy to the image of Capricorn by diluting the drawing with scarlet colors.


Zodiac tattoos suit most men. Since they can be both large and very small, they can be stuffed anywhere on the body.

The most popular place for tattoos among men are hands. Tattoos are stuffed on the shoulder, forearm and even on the palms. Small symbolic drawings can easily fit even on the fingers. But most men still choose medium or large drawings. Some guys use this symbol as the basis for a fantasy-style sleeve.

Since people born under this zodiac sign are very often secretive, tattoos located on the back or sternum are popular among them. Such tattoos are easy to cover with clothing. Therefore, they are almost never visible to outsiders. Much less often, images of Capricorns are stuffed on the legs and stomach. They usually have large drawings, complemented by interesting colored details.

If the person already has other tattoos, it is important to consider how the new design will work with them. It is necessary to take into account both the size of the tattoo and the style in which it is performed.

A tattoo is a sign that will remain on the body for life. Therefore, the choice of a sketch and a place for it must be taken responsibly. In this case, the drawing will not bother a person even after many years.

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