All about men's tattoos on the palms and on their back

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Types and sketches of tattoos
  3. Application options

Palm tattoos have become very popular these days, especially among men. What advantages and disadvantages such tattoos have, and what drawings are best placed in the palm area, we will tell in our article.

Advantages and disadvantages

Men's tattoos on the palm and on its back have become more and more popular lately. This is explained by the fact that such tattoos have a lot of advantages.

  • The most important of them is that such drawings are always in sight. This allows a person to express himself, to convey a specific message to others. Moreover, it is believed that tattoos located in the area of ​​the hands carry a sacred meaning and can become the strongest amulet for their wearer.
  • Tattoos located in this area are not trivial, and their choice is quite large: you can choose to apply both a small and a large pattern, which will go from the palm of your hand to the rest of your hand.

However, palm tattoos have not only advantages, but also disadvantages.

  • So, getting a tattoo in this area is quite painful. This is explained by the fact that in the area of ​​the palm and on its back side there is a huge number of nerve endings, while this part of the body has practically no fatty layer and muscle tissue. If you are too sensitive, then before applying a tattoo in the palm area, you will have to think several times.
  • Due to the thin skin of the upper part of the palm, the process of drawing is complicated.
  • It is worth saying that such tattoos are difficult to hide with the help of clothes, and therefore they will be constantly in sight. This is both a plus for those who want to stand out and emphasize their individuality, and a minus, because tattoos can interfere with employment and building a career. For example, with such a tattoo, a person will definitely not be accepted into the ranks of the military of the highest rank.
  • In addition, the drawing on the palm can quickly deteriorate due to the fact that this part of the body is constantly influenced by external factors: hand washing, weather conditions. For this reason, the tattoo will soon have to be corrected in order to restore its former beauty and clarity of contours.

Consider the fact that wrinkles appear in the palms over time, which also distorts the drawing, making it less attractive.

Types and sketches of tattoos

There are a variety of tattoo options for men that can be placed in the palm area.

  • Quite often, images of flowers, mainly roses, are applied in this area. This flower symbolizes loyalty, devotion and passionate love. But if the flower in the picture has a lot of thorns, then this, on the contrary, suggests that a bright feeling brings a person great pain, hurts his soul.
  • Tattoos with various ornaments also look very interesting. At the present time, such drawings are applied for aesthetic reasons, but there are people who give them some kind of specific meaning.
  • Often, an image of an all-seeing eye is also placed in the palm of your hand. Such a drawing can serve as a good amulet. In addition, it is a symbol of vigilance, which means everything unknown, mysterious and enigmatic.
  • Popular with men and skull tattoos, which look very defiant, and sometimes even aggressive. Such plots mean the truth, which is capable of destroying everything with its power.
  • Spider tattoos are equally popular., which are also often located in the palm area.

It may seem that the spider symbolizes something bad, but this is a wrong judgment.In fact, such a drawing will symbolize accuracy, practicality, creativity and the presence of creativity.

  • Quite often, various inscriptions are also placed on the palm of your hand., which can vary in content, as well as different hieroglyphs. However, when applying symbols unfamiliar to you, we recommend that you find out in advance what they mean in order not to get into an absurd situation in the future.

Application options

The place of drawing on the palm of your hand should be chosen depending on the scale and plot features of the tattoo. So, small drawings of the type of inscriptions will look best from the side, on the edge of the palm. There you can also place tattoos with certain symbols or a small ornament.

But large images, in which, for example, a flower or a skull is present, would be best placed on the inside of the palm. Such drawings will look beautiful from above, on the back. There you can also place tattoos, which will go from the palm to the upper arm.

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