Overview of men's tattoos on the arm in the form of inscriptions

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  3. Where can I stuff?
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Men's tattoos in the form of inscriptions are considered one of the most demanded options. Such phrases can be on any part of the body, but more often limbs are used for this. Hand lettering can be recreated in a wide variety of languages, using different fonts. The most popular options suitable for men, places for tattoos and the features of choosing a sketch will be discussed.

Tattoos in different languages

Along with plot paintings, many representatives of the strong half of humanity decorate their bodies with tattoos in the form of inscriptions. Most often these are various quotes, aphorisms, significant words, the names of loved ones, beautiful or motivating phrases, letters or numbers.

Such tattoos can be large and small, with or without translation, touch on different topics. Such quotes are not just ordinary words, they are combinations with meaning.

Often, tattoos act as an independent image without the use of additional details, drawings.

With the help of such an inscription on their hands, men try to show others their attitude to certain events, talk about their worldview, and confess their sincere feelings. Words in quotes are of great importance. One word can convey important information, let alone whole phrases. Body inscriptions can relate to a wide variety of topics, ranging from a love theme to religious tenets.

Like any body image, this type has its advantages, as well as certain disadvantages.

The advantages of the inscriptions on the hand include the following points.

  • Such tattoos can add style to any image, especially if done in a suitable style. The Chicano style, which was originally used for inscriptions in the Mexican slums, became popular because of the ability to express your inner state, add brutality. It is he who many men choose for a tattoo in the form of an inscription.
  • Such tattoos usually do not occupy a large area and, if necessary, can be overlapped with another image.
  • Word combinations applied wisely will remain relevant for a long period.
  • The inscriptions are usually are cheaperrather than large-scale compositions.

The disadvantages include the fact that over time, the image begins to lose saturation, in some places gaps appear, letters become indistinct. This leads to the fact that some of the letters are unreadable, which directly affects the quality of the tattoo itself, its appearance.

Before applying words in a foreign language, you should definitely check the spelling by choosing a dictionary for this or checking with a native speaker of this language.

This is especially true for quotes in languages ​​rarely used in everyday life. One wrong letter or element can completely change the meaning of the word itself, distort the phrase beyond recognition.

The language when applying the selected quote or aphorism can be any, depending on the personal preferences of the customer... For some, readable inscriptions in their native language remain preferable, which do not require translation. More often they are chosen by open, benevolent people who prefer to directly declare their position in life. Others are more impressed by inscriptions in foreign languages ​​with or without translation. Still others will even choose inscriptions in Arabic or other oriental languages, without dubbing the translation.

Usually, tattoo parlors offer to fill tattoos in the language in which the phrases were born.

In spanish

Sensual intonations of the Spanish language conquer with sound.Men who choose Spanish lettering are just as passionate and temperamental. There are many motivational phrases in Spanish, such as Nunca te rindas, which suggests never giving up.

In French

The French language is considered to be very beautiful, melodic, it is the language of love. It is for its beauty and grace that the inscriptions in this language are chosen by romantic natures. In addition to inscriptions on love themes, in French you can often see the philosophical sayings of Voltaire, Descartes, Sartre, Camus.

  • Among the inscriptions in this language, men often choose the phrase Sauve et garde, which translates as "Save and Preserve."
  • Also popular is the quotation option Croire à son etoile, offering to believe in your star.

In English

One of the most common options for inscriptions is English. It is on it that you can see the inscriptions on the hands of most men, since the quotes on it are understandable for most residents around the world.

  • So, among the popular options for a motivating inscription, one can name the dictum Just do it, which in translation means "Do it". The meaning of the phrase is that after making a decision, each person must perform certain actions, otherwise nothing will change.

This motivational phrase helps a person not to wait, but to move towards the goal.

  • Also, one of the most common options is the phrase in English Better late than never. Translated, this phrase means that it is better to do something late than to put it on the back burner and never do it.

The stuffed phrase on the arm will serve as a constant reminder to the owner of the tattoo, as well as motivate others not to postpone things for a long time.

  • Those who decided to completely change their lives and burn the bridges behind them, leave without looking back, should pay attention to the dictum Never look back ("Never look back").


The German language is considered to be harsh and harsh. It is this option that is chosen by individuals with a wayward character. An inscription in German is suitable for a brutal man who is used to achieving his goal.

  • Glück ist immer mit mir. Each word in this saying sounds special, conveying the exact meaning of the phrase. Luck is always near, so you can translate a quote.

Musicians often choose tattoos in German. This can be judged by the numerous tattoos on this topic.

  • Ohne Musik wäre das Leben ein Irrtum. Life will be stupid without music, because music is life itself.

In italian

When typing a dictum in Italian, you should check the spelling. In this language, similar to Russian, the ending plays an important role. Wrong spelling will change the meaning of the phrase, make it incorrect.

  • “Live. Fight. Love. " These words can be called a motivational slogan. Translated into Italian, the quote sounds like Vivi. Lotta. Ama.
  • Similar motivational adage Vivere, lottare, amore in translation it sounds like "Live, fight, love."

In latin

Latin phrases are also incredibly popular. Such sayings can often be seen on any part of the body, both in men and women. On the hand, however, such phrases are found most often.

  • The most common options include the phrase Veritas lux mea. ("Truth is my light").

For many, the meaning of the statement lies in the fact that the truth can "give wings" and give the opportunity to hope for the accomplishment of something.

  • A great option for lovers can be the phrase Omnia vincit amor, denoting that true love can overcome all obstacles.
  • Those who strive to achieve perfection should pay attention to the quote stating that the highest power is power over oneself. In Latin it looks like Imperare sibi maximum imperium est.

In hebrew

In Hebrew, the sayings sound especially. They breathe wisdom, every word is worth its weight in gold. This can be judged by the following phrases.

  • תהילה טוב הוא טוב יותר עושר. Each person should take care of his good name and not think about wealth, because a good reputation for a person will always be better than any material wealth.
  • אין דבר בלתי אפשרי. The inscription says that nothing is impossible in this world.

Holders of Hebrew inscriptions usually put a special meaning in the saying. It is worth noting that the text, as in the version with the Arabic script, is written in an unusual way for Europeans, from right to left.

In the Arabic language

Elm in Arabic looks very extraordinary and dignified. This option can be chosen by people who prefer not to talk about their thoughts, desires out loud. This can be judged even by the quotes written on the hand in Arabic letters.

  • الله وحده يستطيع أن يحكم علي. "Only God is worthy to judge me" - this is approximately how this aphorism can be translated.
  • You can also often see the saying يرى القلب أمام العينين, denoting that the heart usually begins to see faster than the eyes.

Quotes, supplemented with drawings, animalistic pictures, geometric shapes or other elements, will organically look on a man's hand, next to quotes in Arabic or another language.

Original quotes

Arm tattoos are the best way to show your own position. Such an inscription can become a way of self-expression. Considering that the hands are always in a prominent place, tattoos on the body should make sense and demonstrate the preferences of their wearer, his inclinations, character traits. The inscription on the hand can be long and short, consist of a couple of words or of several sentences. Usually such sayings are motivational, they serve as a kind of motto for the owner of the tattoo.

There are many variants of original sayings on different topics. Quotes about love, family, children, loved ones are popular. There are many philosophical phrases about friendship, destiny, life.

Many people prefer inscriptions on the topic of freedom. In this case, freedom usually manifests itself in everything - in the character of a person, his actions, and even in the choice of a profession. This option will be preferred by fearless people, independent, not afraid to be individual.

  • A man is meant to be free... “A person must be free, this is his destiny” - this is how such words can be translated.

Among the motivating quotes, there are many original sayings, such as phrases:

  • Believe in yourself ("Believe in yourself");
  • Keep going - which means that you should not stop, you need to keep moving.

For your first tattoo, it's best to choose a small quote with neutral text, like Believe in yourself, indicating that you need to believe in yourself.

Easy to understand and understand phrases with a small number of words look interesting.

Where can I stuff?

The place of application of the body drawing is given no less attention than the choice of a sketch, the choice of language and font. Sketches can be applied:

  • on shoulders;
  • forearm;
  • areas below or above the elbow;
  • on the wrist;
  • brush;
  • fingers.

It is worth noting that all the designated areas are considered quite painful, since bones and tendons are located close here.

  • On the shoulder inscriptions made in a minimalist style with a predominance of simple black lines will look good.
  • The most spacious area on the arm is considered forearm... At this point, a young man can not only fill in a phrase, but also supplement it with details. In this area, quotes in the style of minimalism, gothic, and also Chicano will look most advantageous.

The text is applied not only to the outside, but also to the inside.

  • Often, starting with one inscription, the hand begins to acquire new tattoos, forming the so-called sleeve... This kind of work is very laborious and large-scale.

To achieve the desired result, sometimes it is required to sit in the tattoo parlor for more than a dozen hours or days to completely finish the picture in the form of a "sleeve".

  • Places are considered popular on the hand and on the fingers. It is these zones that are within sight, which allows you to influence the wearer of the tattoo, his environment.

Such a tattoo motivates, gives confidence, promotes the disclosure of potential.

On the brushes, the tattoo will look very interesting, attracting attention to itself, but when choosing such a zone, one should take into account the type of professional activity, and whether such a picture would be appropriate, peeping out from under the cuffs of an office shirt or a strict jacket.

It should also be noted that a single picture on the brush does not always look out of place... Usually, such a tattoo is chosen as an addition to the "sleeve", when the pattern flows smoothly from the shoulder or forearm to the hand and fingers.

The tattoo can be placed on both the right and left hand, often both hands are used at the same time. In this case, the inscription can begin on one hand and end on the other.

When applied to the wrist, it should be remembered that this area is more often in contact with water, clothing, so it will require correction. A short quote or word, symbol or date is appropriate in this section.

Application Tips

Before visiting a tattoo parlor or studio, you should make sure that you have chosen the right one. First of all, you need to find out how the master works, study reviews about the work, view the sketches made by the master... When contacting a tattoo parlor, you must make sure that you have a license to provide such services.

Although a novice master can cope with a small inscription, you should not choose ignorant people, come to self-taught people in the hope of saving money... In this case, the master will not be able to give a full guarantee for high-quality work, and the risk of injury or infection increases several times. Work safety as well as quality are important factors when choosing a salon.

Having picked up a suitable option, you can safely go to the master, having previously thought over all the nuances of this process.

If you want to make an inscription on your hand, you need to do the following.

  • Decide in advance on the topic of the future inscription. In this case, it is advisable to use words, quotes or other sayings that are suitable specifically for an individual customer. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the priorities, the importance of certain events, the character of the person, his hobbies and preferences.
  • It is necessary to select the language in which the words will be written. It must also be in harmony with their meaning, give a certain message. When choosing a language for an inscription, it is necessary to understand for what purpose it is intended. Perhaps a person seeks to tell the whole world about his plans, thoughts or achievements, or maybe this is an inscription of a purely personal nature.
  • When choosing sketches, you should first of all pay attention to the text, its meaning. This is especially true for tattoos in foreign languages, which may or may not be used with translation. If you do not know the language or do not know the exact translation of the phrase, it is not recommended to apply it to the body.
  • Followed by choose a font, as well as how it will be applied.
  • When choosing a language for the inscription, one should focus not only on the aesthetic component, but also take into account the semantic meaning of the tattoo, the character of the owner of the tattoo.

It is important that the finished sketch is absolutely individual, and not a copy of another drawing.

The choice of location plays a decisive role. For those who wish to hide the drawing, the options for placing a tattoo on the shoulder, forearm are more suitable. In this case, tattoo marks will not be visible under the clothes. Alternatively, the wearable picture can be placed in any convenient place, affecting not only the shoulder, forearm, but also the hands, wrists, fingers.

When choosing a suitable place for tattooing, do not forget about the features of the body and about the physical condition it is in. It is unlikely that the inscription will look good on flabby skin devoid of muscles.

When choosing a zone for a body image, one should take into account the principles of proportionality. So, for long quotes, it is customary to use the forearm - this will allow you to accommodate the entire text without squeezing it. For short lettering, placement on the wrist, hand, or palms is more suitable. A small inscription, date or just one word will look organic on the wrist or fingers.

It is necessary to think in advance for what purposes the tattoo is needed, and choose the place and style of writing, according to this criterion.

It is advisable to find out from the master in advance how the procedure will take place, what is needed to prepare for it, as well as how to properly care for the wound.

You should also find out the cost of the procedure in advance. It usually depends on the size of the tattoo. The price for the work of the master will be completely different when choosing a large font and a large area of ​​application or a miniature inscription on the finger or wrist.

Choosing an inscription should be thoughtful, because there are options that masters do not recommend to fill. You should not perpetuate the names of friends, unfamiliar girlfriends on your body, because such a relationship can end, but the inscription remains. In order not to have to remove the tattoo or interrupt it with a new one, it is worthwhile to correctly assess the importance of a particular person in life. In this case, it is better to choose a well-known quote or motivational phrase, which does not have to be reduced later. There are many cases when an inscription becomes no longer relevant and has to be deleted. This happened with many famous personalities, football players, actors.

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