What are armor-shaped tattoos and where to apply them?

  1. Meaning
  2. Views and sketches
  3. Styles and colors
  4. Accommodation options

It is difficult to find a man who is not interested in military paraphernalia and knightly armor. As real warriors, they are ready to fight dragons, rescuing the princess imprisoned in the castle. And although dragons are now extinct, real men are ready to fight difficulties, overcoming them. Armor tattoos for men are quite popular. It is not surprising that such pictures are chosen by brutal men with nerves of steel and strong muscles. The importance of tattoos in the form of armor, their types, styles used and the most successful places for placement will be discussed.


Among the male population, tattoos in the form of armor have not lost their popularity for many years. A man is the protector of his family, homeland. It is the armor that has long helped protect against injury when fighting enemies. A tattoo with a similar image symbolizes strength and endurance.

There are several types of tattoos made in different techniques, but they all have a common component.

A tattoo with military attributes means the following.

  • Striving for the intended goal, firmness. The owner of such a picture underwear believes in himself and his beliefs. For them, he will fight and go forward to the bitter end.
  • Power. Images with armor are usually chosen by physically strong representatives who value honor and dignity.
  • Fearlessness. The owner of the tattoo does not know fear, he moves step by step towards the intended goal and in the end achieves his goal.

It is these qualities that are usually inherent in people who choose tattoos in the form of armor.

Each military attribute has a hidden meaning. This is a talisman that helps to protect not only the body, but also the soul.

The presence of a tattoo speaks of a person's desire to show their strength, determination and firmness of character. At the same time, such a picture may indicate romance, the desire to become a hero for your lady of the heart.

Men who choose armor tattoo usually think strategically and can solve problems. Often they are reckless, they like to take risks, they have a fighting grip.

Views and sketches

The meaning of the tattoo, its semantic load will directly depend on the manner of performance, the chosen style, the presence of certain elements. Figures of birds and animals, Celtic patterns, ornament and other elements will make the drawing brighter and more versatile, filling it with a special meaning.

Having conceived to fill a body drawing on a given topic, it is advisable to find out in advance what meaning this or that symbol or sign has.

Among the sketches, the following images deserve attention.

  • Chain mail. For the owner of such a tattoo, the image will serve as a kind of shield that protects him from negative manifestations. Its owner is accustomed to achieving the intended goals, he will always achieve his goal and overcome difficulties. Such images are often associated with various tournaments. The owner of the tattoo has his own beliefs and adheres to them. The drawing can be supplemented with various details in the form of animalistic pictures or mysterious creatures. The elements that are included in the composition play a significant role, since this can change the meaning of the tattoo.
  • Plate. Used armor along with armor. The advent of firearms has led to the phasing out of such protection. Tattoos in the form of armor are more often chosen by romantic guys. Among the main meanings of such pictures should be noted purposefulness, loyalty, strength and power. The owner of the tattoo uses the body composition as a talisman.It promotes energy accumulation and prevents the waste of energy.
  • Shoulder pad. A similar image is applied exclusively to the shoulder. Such pictures can denote strength and power. Its presence will allow you to show the owner's masculinity, his reliability and willingness to come to the rescue, substituting his shoulder.

Having chosen such a picture, it should be remembered that its owner must have a beautiful pumped-up figure, otherwise the tattoo in this area will look very unprofitable.

  • Among the variety of types, images of armor in the form of a sleeve are very popular. Such pictures completely cover the entire surface of the hand in a circle. Thanks to this arrangement, many manage to hide the traces of old tattoos, unsuccessful tattoos. Such images are a symbol of strength, courage and courage. Based on this, such pictures can hardly be seen on the body of women. Drawing such a sketch will show the character of the person who chose him.

The use of real armor allowed warriors to protect their bodies from injury in battle.

The heroes listed below resorted to the help of armor.

  • Gladiators. Roman soldiers were forced to wear protective equipment. They helped them in the fight against the enemy. Gladiator fights were very spectacular, this also applies to tattoos on this topic. A man who has chosen a picture with gladiatorial armor is often held captive by certain circumstances, just like the forced gladiators who fought for their lives.
  • Knights. The presence of armor allowed the knights to defend themselves from blows of a sword and arrows. Tattoos depicting such military paraphernalia are often associated with tournaments. Knightly duels gave the winner an opportunity to claim the heart of a beauty. The man who has chosen such a sketch is a knight, for whom the main thing is honor, not money or privileges.
  • Japanese warriors. With the advent of firearms, armor gradually lost its relevance and continued to be used as a uniform during parades. Tattoos, like those of a Japanese warrior, are in demand not only in eastern countries. Such tattoos are chosen by people who are fond of their culture and history.
  • Slavs. According to historical data, the heroes in Russia used steel chain mail for protection, woven from small links in the form of a long shirt, with reinforced plates attached to the base of leather, and mittens made of the same material, they were called lamellas. Often, ancestors ignored military armor because of the inconvenience of using them. It was much more difficult to maneuver in them: lamellaria were of considerable weight. Slavic tattoos help show heroic strength and power. The image of only one chain mail can indicate a person who disregards the rules in exchange for personal freedom.

Real armor weighed more than 30 kg and were not well suited for an active attack. Rather, they inspired fear with their power and massiveness, and could also protect against being hit by an arrow or spear.

Styles and colors

A good tattoo must meet certain parameters:

  • ideally fit the selected area and blend in with it;
  • look great in matched colors;
  • suit her bearer in character.

Focusing on the customer's requests, they choose the style, color scheme.

The tattoo artist may advise you to complete the drawing in different styles, but realism is more suitable for military attributes.

The presence of gray-black tones will make the picture very believable, giving the image even a steel sheen. The most common options for sketches in this style include images of military paraphernalia with animals. Many men associate themselves with lions, tigers, wolves, or other powerful beasts. The presence of an animal and armor allows you to protect the owner from temptations and vices, to give strength and courage.

Drawings with flowers made in this style look unusual. Thanks to such a tattoo, a person tries to protect not only himself, but also people close to him, his beloved.

Plate with a sword or anchor in the style of realism will emphasize the purposefulness of the individual, her belligerence.

Unusual tattoos of this type in the style of biomechanics. Choosing it will allow you to make a tattoo that looks like torn skin, translucent through steel.

Brutal representatives of humanity can pay attention to the dotwork style with clear and bright monochrome lines. You can also try to fill the drawing in the ornamental style.

Accommodation options

Armor tattoos can look like a real type of uniform or have fantasy elements, details from science fiction, cyber clothing.

The traditional places for this kind of tattoos are considered to be the areas corresponding to the placement of real armor.

Realistic sketches of military attributes are incredibly popular. The most commonly used places for their application are considered to be the shoulder and forearm. Body images on the sternum look no less impressive. There are also tattoos that adorn almost the entire body, from the neck to the feet.

The place where the image is applied depends not only on the wishes of the client, but also on the shape of the sketch, its size. It is also important to take into account the pain threshold, because it will be different for each person in a separately selected area.

Shoulder and forearm

The shoulder and forearm areas are considered the most successful and demanded places for brutal tattoos. In these areas, they will look incredibly impressive. This is especially true for the owners of a beautiful muscular figure. Armor tattoos on the shoulders are often complemented by realistic scratches or blood stains.

Such tattoos are chosen by people who are ready to sacrifice themselves in order to protect their loved ones or to stand up for good goals. Such people are patient, they are able to wait for the right moment, they are intellectually developed.

On the forearm, such tattoos look incredibly stylish, attracting attention. Polynesian-style patterns or Slavic amulets are often used as additions. Drawings using a realistic style will look especially impressive on the forearm. According to tattoo artists, this area is quite painful, but healing will occur faster than in other areas.


Typically, the wrist is used for the image when needed to complement the main tattoo. In addition, a drawing is applied there, if desired, to fill the sleeve. This area is also quite painful, since the veins on the wrist are very close to the skin.

Considering that the hand is the most mobile part, any drawing will look organic in this place. Ornaments and patterns can often be seen on the brush, which will seem to move when moving.

Neck and back

One of the most popular areas is the neck. This place was covered with a gorget during the battles. This is where the name of the women's accessory came from - a boa. Gorgets were designed to protect the male neck and voice. Currently, this zone is in demand among people of creative professions, singers, actors, announcers.

The back is more suitable for large-scale compositions. At this point, you can depict battle pictures, complementing the drawing with different elements, patterns. On the back, you can often see whole battles with rivals, wild animals, gladiator fights.

Separately placed armor plates on the shoulder blades will not look organic. Typically, these tattoos look like a composition passing from the shoulder.

Chest and side

Images on the chest will help protect the wearer of the tattoo from unnecessary risks and dangers. With the correct design of details and the use of the necessary shades, you can make an imitation of armor, close to the original.

The side is rarely used for tattooing as an independent option - it often acts as an addition to the sketch on the chest.

Thigh and leg

Variants on the hip or leg on this topic are rare.

On the lower limb, compositions similar to sleeves will look interesting. The picture placed in this area allows you to strengthen self-confidence. If you fill the composition all the way, then the work will take a lot of time. Soreness in this case will be different depending on the specific location.

When choosing a part of the body for tattooing, one should also take into account human activities. For some professions, body art is unacceptable, in this case it is better to give preference to the areas hidden under the clothes.

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