Variety of Scandinavian tattoos for men

  1. Meaning
  2. Types and sketches of tattoos
  3. Accommodation options

Scandinavian culture attracts many modern people. Therefore, it is not surprising that tattoos made in the northern style are popular with men from different parts of the world.


Scandinavian-themed tattoos have a very rich history. Such tattoos were applied to their bodies by ancient warriors and travelers. Very often, drawings covered almost the entire body of the Vikings. It was believed that these signs fill their carriers with strength and give them protection from enemies.

In the modern world, such tattoos are usually applied to the body by people who are fond of Scandinavian culture. Many of them believe that such symbols can change their lives. For this to happen, you need to select a tattoo with a positive meaning. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is worth learning the history of the appearance of the symbol you like and how it was perceived before.

Fortunately, most of the tattoos that ancient people put on their bodies have a positive meaning. After all, they were intended either to protect or to enhance certain personal qualities.

Types and sketches of tattoos

The choice of a sketch of a tattoo must be treated responsibly. When creating unique designs, you can pay attention to popular motives.

Runic signs

Especially popular among tattoo lovers are men's body drawings depicting runes. These symbols were previously used not only to decorate clothes and household items, but also to create various amulets. It was believed that such signs can protect both people and the premises in which they are located. Over time, they began to decorate the skin with rune patterns.

People believed that such symbols could fill them with power and even change human destiny.

When choosing a tattoo for yourself, you should pay attention to the following signs.

  • Ken. This rune is also known as Kenaz. She is a symbol of purification and obtaining new knowledge. It is worth applying it to the body for people who are constantly striving for development. Such a wearable pattern will adjust the person and fill him with life energy.
  • Man... This rune symbol contributes to intellectual development. In addition, others are more friendly towards a person with a tattoo with such a rune. These wearable designs are best for those looking to build a career.
  • Lagu... This rune makes a person more active. In addition, it strengthens his intuition. It becomes much easier for a person to find the right solutions and achieve their goals.
  • Hyera... This rune sign is also considered one of the symbols of good luck. It is believed that this rune contributes to the fulfillment of all the cherished desires of a person.

Very often, when creating sketches, several tattoos are used at once, connected to each other. If a man wants to "program" himself for good luck, he should be responsible for the choice of runes. Unlike charms and amulets, the tattoo will remain with him forever. Therefore, when drawing up a suitable formula, it is worth contacting a person who understands the runic alphabet.

A great option for a themed tattoo for a man is a runic compass... It is believed that such a Scandinavian symbol helps people stay on track and maximize their potential.

Such tattoos are usually stuffed on the sternum or on the back. Thanks to this, the tattoo does not change its shape over time.

Significant symbols

Symbols found in Scandinavian mythology can also serve as a source of inspiration for creating a tattoo.

  • World tree. Such a tattoo is an image of a large ash tree with a dense crown and long roots.The world tree is the main symbol of the connection between different worlds.

As a rule, such tattoos are stuffed by people who strive for self-knowledge and the search for truth. The drawing with the World Tree can also be complemented by runes and various patterns.

  • Ship... Northern warriors were conquerors who often traveled by water. Therefore, many people associate Scandinavian culture with ships. They are considered a symbol of a thirst for adventure and new discoveries. Tattoos with ships are most often done voluminous and detailed. Monochrome images are often complemented with color details.

Instead of a full-fledged ship, you can fill the steering wheel or anchor on the body. Such a tattoo will become a symbol of the fact that a person is the captain of his life and controls his own destiny.

  • Hammers... Another significant symbol associated with warriors is two crossed hammers. This tattoo is a symbol of power and protection from enemies.

Very often, such drawings are complemented with patterns or runes. They can be located both on the handle of the hammer and on its blade.

  • Viking... Choosing a volumetric tattoo, you should pay attention to the images of the Vikings. Such tattoos are suitable for strong men who are in harmony with themselves. The image of a Viking wearing a helmet is a symbol of a person who is under protection. If he has a weapon in his hands, he is a strong warrior, ready to defend himself and his loved ones from enemies. Usually the Vikings are depicted with axes or shields in their hands.
  • The Bears... These formidable animals are of great importance for the inhabitants of Scandinavia. Bear tattoos symbolize self-confidence, as well as a willingness to defend their territory. They can be depicted both separately and with other characters.

If a person wants to get a small and inconspicuous tattoo, he can choose a drawing of a bear's paw or a drawing with a claw mark.

  • Fenrir... The mythical wolf is mentioned in Scandinavian myths. He is a symbol of destruction and strength. To fill a tattoo with the image of this wolf is recommended for people who occupy a leading position.

Most often, Fenrir is depicted as devouring the sun. Tattoos are often complemented with images of runes or ornaments.

You can also decorate your body with complex patterns. Such ornaments were used by ancient warriors to decorate their bodies and armor. It was believed that in a similar way, they can protect themselves from many troubles.

Tattoos with patterns are usually made voluminous. Sleeves made in this style look especially beautiful.

Tattoo with deities

Speaking about the culture of ancient Scandinavia, one cannot ignore the theme of the gods.

  • One... This is the supreme Scandinavian god. A tattoo with his image is ideal for strong and self-confident men. As a rule, Odin is portrayed with a helmet and a weapon. This makes his image even more impressive.
  • Hugin and Munin. The tattoo depicting two ravens is also associated with the main deity of the Scandinavian pantheon. Hugin and Munin are Odin's scouts who bring him all the information he needs.

It is worth filling their images on the body for men who are in search of themselves and their destiny. Such a tattoo will suit a thoughtful and serious person.

  • Thor's hammer. The Scandinavian god Thor is the lord of thunder and storms. One of its main symbols is the hammer. A tattoo with his image is perfect for a man. It symbolizes a duality of character, because Thor's hammer can be used both to kill and to resurrect victims.
  • Ouroboros... A snake eating its own tail is a symbol of cyclicity. In addition, she symbolizes one of the 3 children of the god Loki. The body of such a snake is often decorated with runic symbols or patterns. This only makes it more meaningful.

If a person is fond of Scandinavian mythology, he can choose more original tattoos for himself. After all, the culture of the inhabitants of the northern lands is very rich and interesting.

Accommodation options

The choice of a place for a tattoo depends on several main factors. First of all, you need to focus on the size of the tattoo. Small drawings are placed on the fingers, the back of the hand, or on the neck. The middle can be found on the forearm, shoulder, or legs. More voluminous patterns are stuffed on the sternum or back. Sleeves made in the Scandinavian style also look spectacular. If desired, they can be supplemented with various small details.

Another important point to consider is a person's lifestyle. Business people and office workers should not get tattoos on their heads or fingers. If a person already has drawings on the skin, it is important to consider how they will be combined with new ones.

People who want to use Scandinavian tattoos as amulets should not combine them with protective images taken from other cultures. It is best to choose one meaningful symbol for yourself and be inspired by it.

Scandinavian tattoos for men are a great way to express yourself. The main thing is to make them from a good master who knows his job. In this case, the tattoo will delight its owner for a very long time.

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