Variety of male clock tattoos

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The art of tattooing is immensely popular, in particular among men. However, before applying a body pattern, it should be borne in mind that not everyone carries an exclusively positive message. In this article, we will consider what a male clock tattoo means and what types of it there are.

Total value

A clock tattoo can be viewed as just a beautiful picture that will adorn the body of its owner. However, such an image can carry a specific and even deep message.

  • So, initially, a tattoo in the form of a clock can symbolize the rapid flow of human life and time in general. A tattoo indicates the value of time for a person - this is its main meaning. A person's life can end at any moment by the most ridiculous accident, and therefore you need to appreciate every moment, filling it with vivid emotions. The similar meaning of such a drawing was especially relevant in ancient Greek culture. There, the image of a chronometer, a clock with a particularly accurate movement, was often considered as a symbol of the gods who ruled human destinies, including Zeus, Themis and Helios.
  • Such a tattoo can also indicate a period in which an important event for a person took place that divided his life into before and after. Often such tattoos indicate the time of birth of a child, and in some cases - at the time of death of a loved one. In the latter case, the tattoo will be considered as a sign of memory of the deceased.
  • There is another meaning as well. So, for many, the clock symbolizes the desire of a person to live in the moment, while not looking into the too distant future and not dragging along the heavy burden of what has already passed.
  • And there are those people for whom the watch is a kind of pointer that helps them stay on track. The hour hand, in turn, in this context turns into a landmark that indicates the right direction.
  • In addition, a similar underwear pattern can also indicate a person who values ​​their time, does not spend it on trifles, loves order both in the house and in thoughts, and is distinguished by its rationality, prudence and philosophical mindset.

Views and sketches

There are many sketches of male clock tattoos. They can differ in compositional elements and some details. We recommend that you pay close attention to all these elements, because the final interpretation of the body image can largely depend on them.

  • So, if there are no arrows on the tattoo of the watch on the dial, then this suggests that the owner of the picture has lost the meaning of life. In the opinion of such a person, his existence is empty and worthless. But if the arrows are present, then they, as a rule, indicate a significant moment in the life of the tattoo wearer. Often such drawings can be supplemented with inscriptions, for example, the name of the child, if the drawing was made in honor of his birth.
  • And if the clock in the picture is broken, then it will symbolize dreams that never came true, and wasted time.
  • If there is an image of a rose or any other flower on the tattoo, then this means that a person enjoys life, it is filled with positive emotions and a lot of impressions. Often, such drawings are complemented by images of butterflies.
  • And here is the presence of a raven in the image with a clock will indicate that the person is rather closed, he is constrained and hides a lot about himself.The presence in the drawing of another bird, the cuckoo, will indicate that a person respects his ancestors and prefers stability.

The dove in such drawings will indicate that a person is freed from the shackles in their spiritual understanding. He is free, no longer doubts his choice, he managed to find the right path for himself.

  • The combination of the same clock and anchor on a tattoo will indicate a person's desire for stability, because it is in it that his strength lies. And the presence of precious stones in the watch will indicate that a person is actively trying to find the meaning of life, the right path, and fully realize his purpose.
  • The image of the hourglass will indicate that the owner of the tattoo appreciates the time., because it is fleeting, and precious minutes should not be wasted on trifles. But if quartz particles in such a watch are replaced by drops of blood in the drawing, then in this case the tattoo takes on a different meaning, indicating that life is often filled with horrors.
  • The clock depicted as that of Salvador Dali, will talk about the transience of time. The Big Ben clock will indicate the mannerism, stiffness and some inclination of a person to aristocracy. And the sundial is often associated with the sky and the Universe - such a drawing means that a person relies on their help.
  • Clock from the famous work "Alice in Wonderland" are also often applied as a tattoo. Often such a clock is depicted in combination with the White Rabbit, which, according to the plot, was always late, glancing at the time. Such a drawing will indicate that the person who is his bearer is constantly in a hurry somewhere, he does not have enough time, and he tries to catch everything.
  • Often on such tattoos, you can see an open eye., which is located in the very center of the dial. The meaning of such a drawing is very interesting, because it will say that time is not a fluid substance, but a real personality itself. In addition, the eye is often viewed as the personification of God, which observes a person and how he spends precious minutes of his life.

Styles and colors

Clock tattoos for men can be done in a wide variety of styles. Most men prefer black and white tattoo options, because they look more strict and restrained, thus indicating the character of their owner. However, colored tattoos are also popular with males. Often such drawings emphasize the positivity of their owner and his originality.

If we talk about the style of a tattoo, then here, too, a person is given a huge choice.

Most often, drawings depicting clocks are made in a realistic style. Such tattoos are usually large-scale and detailed, which attracts attention and admiration.

The exact opposite of realistic tattoos is the minimalist style. Drawings made in this style are distinguished by their miniature and simplicity. They can be easily hidden under clothes, they do not attract much attention, which is their main advantage.

Images of watches made in watercolor style look very interesting too. Such tattoos are distinguished by their brightness and beauty. Usually they do not have clear outlines, which is due to the peculiarities of this style, and the drawing itself looks as if it was painted with real watercolors.

Accommodation options

You can place a tattoo depicting a watch on any part of the body, be it an arm, back, shoulder or forearm, sleeve or sternum. It is recommended to choose the area for application based on the size of the image and its compositional features.

In addition, when choosing a place, you will need to think in advance: do you want your tattoo to be constantly in sight of strangers or not.

So, Small tattoos are best placed on the wrist or neck. Large patterns are often placed in an area such as the biceps, sleeve, chest or back. At the same time, tattoos that are more elongated vertically will look best on the sleeve.

But the hips and legs are rarely chosen by men for tattooing. Typically, these areas are preferred by women who want to pay attention to these particular parts of their body.

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