All about men's wrist tattoos

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Overview of options and sketches
  3. Styles and colors
  4. Tips for choosing an image
  5. Application features

Tattoos on the hands look interesting and bold. This type of body art is especially popular among men. In today's article, we will learn all the most interesting about aesthetic male tattoos on this part of the body.

Advantages and disadvantages

Currently, there are a great many variations of body art. For many years, black and white or color tattoos do not cease to be in demand. To decorate their bodies, people choose a variety of images, patterned compositions, inscriptions, and so on. The selected sketches are pricked into various zones. Most often, men get tattoos on their shoulders and forearms, chest and back. If you want to turn to a more original body art, you can choose a hand to apply the picture.

As a rule, the placement of tattoos on the indicated area is typical for kinesthetics who are passionate about self-discovery, as well as the study of the people who surround them through touch. Usually, other details and characteristics are practically not important for such people - direct contact plays a special role.

Drawings made on the wrist have their advantages.

  • Such a solution can be considered universal, since representatives of both sexes can apply to it.
  • The image chosen for application will always remain in sight, attract attention, and demonstrate the bright individuality of its owner. This is very good news for people who like to attract eyes to themselves, to arouse interest in the environment.
  • For pricking on a brush, sketches are usually selected that are characterized by moderate scales. Thanks to this, tattoo artists do not have to work on the image for too long. Because of this, costs are also noticeably reduced.
  • A man can admire a tattoo depicted on his wrist at any convenient moment.
  • Even in ancient times, people stuffed various drawings on their hands. In the distant past, these types of tattoos acted as effective amulets and amulets that protect their owners.
  • It is worth noting that any compositions that are realized with a brush are original, looking creative. If a person wants to emphasize his own "I", to highlight his originality, then this version of body art will be a winning solution.

Men's tattoos that are on the wrist have not only advantages, but also certain disadvantages.

  • The very process of pricking sketches on the hands is extremely painful. This is one of the most sensitive and vulnerable areas, so you need to prepare in advance for its "decoration" in the tattoo parlor.
  • It should be borne in mind that pictures applied to brushes get bored pretty quickly by many people. This even applies to those images that initially liked and attracted a person madly. The thing is that the sketches on the brush are always in sight, which is why they risk getting bored soon.
  • Before getting a tattoo on his wrist, a man should take into account the fact that the dress code of not every organization allows such a variation of the body art of its employees.
  • The thin skin on the hands quickly undergoes the natural aging process. For this reason, the inevitable deformation of the stuffed tattoo occurs.
  • Drawings that are made using different colors fade rather quickly and lose their previous brightness while on the hands.Because of this, people often have to resort to additional adjustments and improvements to the pictures, which entails unnecessary waste and pain.
  • Often, the images present on a person's hand cause ambiguous emotions in other people. The owner of such a "decoration" should be prepared for the fact that his body art will seem too strange, frightening or even repulsive to someone.
  • It is unrealistic to get into the military ranks of a high rank with such a tattoo. For specific categories of officers, as well as special forces units, drawings on the body are strictly prohibited.
  • The palms are very often exposed to all sorts of mechanical influences (for example, washing hands), as well as environmental influences (cold and heat). Because of this, the drawings on the brush risk being erased and losing their former contrast much sooner. As a rule, after 2-3 years, a person has to resort to adjustments and renewals of the tattoo on the area in question.

Before deciding to transfer the selected drawing to the hand, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with all the disadvantages of such a solution. A man should weigh the pros and cons of such a non-trivial body art, so as not to regret a hastily made decision later.

Overview of options and sketches

There are a huge number of different options and sketches of stylish men's tattoos on the wrist. The images realized in this area can be very small and light, or large, frankly aggressive. Consider the most popular and fashionable options for tattoos.

Meaningful inscriptions

A very popular solution among men is a tattoo in the form of an inscription with a certain meaning. Such compositions can differ in different ways, for example: in the language of performance, variations of fonts, color rendering. Of course, the semantic message of these pictures also turns out to be very different.

Currently, men most often choose the following languages ​​for the implementation of the tattoo in question:

  • Hebrew;
  • Japanese;
  • Latin;
  • Chinese;
  • Arab;
  • English;
  • French;
  • Italian;
  • German.

The nature of the inscriptions applied with paint on a man's brush can be different:

  • friendly;
  • love;
  • concerning religion and belief;
  • philosophy and meaning of life;
  • favorite activities and hobbies.

Quite often today you can meet tattoos with various names of relatives and loved ones of a man. It can also be dates of various important events, tattoos with blood groups, and so on - there are insanely many options.


Often, men who want to pin simple but attractive sketches with deep meaning on their brushes choose hieroglyphs for this. The culture of the East has long since passed into an independent trend in the field of body art. At the same time, the hieroglyphs themselves are a real trend in recent decades. People apply frankly mysterious, mysterious and beautiful symbols to a wide variety of areas of the body, including the hands.

To implement the considered variant of the sketch, you can use not one, but several words. Whole phrases, smart quotes with meaning are relevant.

Commemorative tattoos

Sketches deserve special attention, through which men want to capture important events that have occurred in their lives. Basically, these are inscriptions that are made in this format:

  • the name of the deceased person;
  • names of relatives and children;
  • period of service, study, date of marriage, birth of children;
  • pictures on scars, which are not applied in order to disguise them, but, on the contrary, to preserve the memory of an injury once received;
  • symbols related to the professional activities of a man.

The category of body art under consideration can also include various kinds of motivational inscriptions that a person addresses to himself from the present to the future.


Symbols are represented by special sacred signs that in one way or another affect the life and state of a person, his present and future. If you choose the right symbol for transferring it to the hand, then it can serve as a reliable protection for a person, will maintain his peace of mind, and strengthen good qualities in character.

The best and most popular are the symbols that men often stuff on their brushes:

  • heart - symbolizes the vitality of a man, personifies love and romanticism;
  • Rose of Wind - a very popular picture, acting as a symbol of fearlessness, contributes to the search for the correct life path of its owner;
  • eye - a symbol of secret knowledge, highly developed intuition;
  • ornaments - it can be various options for lines and spiral weaves that protect a person from any evil and misfortune;
  • dream Catcher - no less popular drawing, which is an excellent guardian of a person from the effects of temptations, unkind thoughts;
  • compass - a symbol-assistant in finding the right decisions and ways in life;
  • cross - usually acts as a religious symbol that emphasizes faith in God.


Not all men want to get some mini date or a small tattoo with a short inscription on their wrists. Many people prefer overtly masculine pictures that emphasize their self-confidence, seriousness and brutality.

The most popular are the following images, realized in a brutal manner.

  • a lion - acts as a symbol of power and authority, wisdom and strength.
  • Scull - a very popular sketch, symbolizing the absence of fear of death. One should not be afraid of such images, since they do not always carry a frightening subtext. As a rule, people put a very different meaning and meaning in such tattoos.
  • Patterns with a dark focus. Through such a tattoo, a man can emphasize his own strength of mind, solid character.
  • Predatory grin. Such drawings personify the fighting spirit of a man, they can carry aggressive overtones.
  • The Dragon. Such an image is in demand both among young people and among mature body art lovers. This mythical creature personifies power, power, wisdom.

More ideas

There are many other ideas for men's wrist tattoos. Consider a list of similar body art options.

  • Images of birds are very popular. It can be a drawing of an owl, a raven or an eagle.
  • Many men pierce the muzzles of openly aggressive animals on their brushes, for example, a wolf, a bear, or a tiger.
  • Sketches depicting roses, feathers or keys are also suitable for transferring to the hand. In such drawings, each person puts his own meaning.

These tattoos can be performed both in monochrome and in color.

Styles and colors

On a man's brush, tattoos can be applied in a variety of styles. There are quite a few of the latter so that a person can make a choice in favor of the optimal option for him.

Let's take a look at the main features of popular body art styles.

  • Bioorganics. A very interesting style that can be categorized as popular biomechanics. The direction in question is characterized by a dense and rather juicy color, the use of rich palettes, and careful processing of every detail. Drawing in the style of bioorganics, applied to the hand, will definitely not go unnoticed by others.
  • Minimalism. This style is becoming more and more popular every year. Usually minimalist tattoos have few details and are simple yet attractive.

More often girls turn to this direction, however, it is also in demand among young guys.

  • Linework. The main distinguishing feature of this trend is the presence of straight lines in the tattoo, which ultimately form a single minimalistic image. It should be noted that linework is a relatively young style. The considered variations of tattoos can be realized both in black and white and in color.
  • Neo-traditional The stylistics under consideration is characterized by the presence of clearly defined edges in the applied image. Drawings can be either color or monochrome. The direction is rather complicated, so it is better to entrust the creation of such tattoos only to experienced masters.
  • Realism. The name of this area speaks for itself. Realistic tattoos are made as natural as possible, have natural combinations of colors and shadows.

Realism is also considered a challenging style that only a good and talented tattoo artist can handle.

  • Trash polka. This style seems frankly repulsive to many people, but at the same time it is distinguished by some strange inner appeal. Basically, trash polka tattoos are pierced by extraordinary people with their own vision of beauty. As a rule, the considered direction shows pictures in this spirit: death, fear, vulgarity, and so on.
  • New school. A relatively new direction that perfectly develops the body art storyline. Hairpieces made in this style are brighter and more attractive. Each symbol in such a composition has its own meaning. Often in the tattoos under consideration, there is a humorous or sarcastic overtones.
  • Blackwork. A style that is very popular with men. Differs in the use of black ink in large quantities. Blackwork tattoos are characterized by bold lines and shapes, which in a single combination turn out to be very original and aesthetic.
  • Geometry. For a tattoo on the hand, this stylistic direction is perfect. Usually geometric compositions are made up of small figures combined into one drawing. Mostly black ink is used to form rather complex pictures that create very vivid visual motives.
  • Surrealism. Such compositions attract a lot of attention. They are characterized by quirkiness, non-standard, bright creativity. Simply put, the considered style direction appears to be both creative and inventive style at the same time.
  • Negative space. Images that are implemented in this spirit create a powerful visual impact. In compositions, the space around the subject plays the same important role as the main subject itself. The dominant element in the considered tattoos is black ink.

Tips for choosing an image

Let's take a look at some helpful tips for choosing the right tattoo for a man's hand.

  • Initially, it is advisable to decide what kind of meaning a person wants to put into a drawing. After that, it is worth dwelling on the specific style in which his message should be implemented.
  • You should also decide on the color design of the sketch. The tattoo can be black and white or color. Monochrome options are cheaper and less time consuming. Colored tattoos last longer, are more expensive, and may require frequent adjustments due to fading. True, drawings in color often look much brighter and more spectacular.
  • A certain pattern, depicting an animal, plant, or just a patterned plexus, should reflect the character and personality of a person. That is why a man should more carefully choose the theme of the tattoo so that it fully emphasizes his own "I", reflects the meaning that he puts into it.

There are situations when it is very difficult to make a choice in favor of a certain drawing on your own.Then you should contact a tattoo parlor, get a consultation from a master. A specialist will help you choose the perfect subject and composition of a tattoo on a brush, tell you which drawings are suitable and which ones are better not to choose.

Application features

Let's analyze the main features of applying a tattoo on the right or left hand.

  • Every tattoo artist knows that there are areas where it is especially difficult to get tattoos. These places include the hands. When working with such areas, a specialist must exercise the utmost care and caution, and act with utmost precision.
  • Often there are situations in which the colors on the hands are distorted. For example, black color gives off blue, paint begins to fall out in pieces. This is due to the fact that a person's hands are always involved in work, the palms are squeezed and unclenched, which is why the tattoo cannot remain in the required calm state. This leads to the fact that the paint cannot take root normally.
  • Often, paint on brushes does not take root due to too much dead skin. To avoid such troubles, preparing for pricking a picture, it is advisable to scrub the skin. The procedure can be carried out using special scrubs or other cosmetic products. It is desirable that they have a natural composition.
  • After tattooing, exudate may be released in the first 3-5 days. In this case, there is edema, noticeable inflammation of the treated area. By the end of this period, such consequences will disappear.
  • In the next 2-3 weeks after creating a tattoo, a person can observe severe peeling and itching on the arm.
  • In the last 7-10 days, peeling will gradually stop, but there may still be a slight level of dryness of the skin.
  • In the first 3-4 days, it is advisable to very carefully wash the skin using high-quality antibacterial agents. It is worth applying an ointment or cream, placing disposable or cling film on the drawing. Before each treatment, the tattoo on the hand should be left open for a while.
  • For the next 2-3 weeks, bandages will no longer be needed, but healing agents still need to be used.
  • At the final stages, care in such volumes is no longer needed, but you can use moisturizers to get rid of dryness.

If you are planning to pierce a tattoo on a male wrist, it is advisable to choose only proven tattoo parlors that have an excellent reputation for this. The palms are difficult areas, so only the best and most experienced, highly qualified craftsmen should work with them.

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