Variety of male tattoos in the style of abstraction

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Overview of options
  3. Where to locate?

Body painting has long been considered an art form that allows not only the creator, but also the owner of the sketch to express themselves. Modern tattoos are diverse and provide an opportunity to express themselves to the most striking personalities. Moreover, there are a lot of style directions in creating a tattoo.

One of the most popular and relevant of them is abstract drawings. Abstraction is universal in terms of age, gender and even taste, since there are incredibly many possibilities within its framework.


Men's tattoos are conventionally divided into four main types:

  • realistically executed;
  • with multiple layers;
  • rectilinear type;
  • abstract.

Sketches in the style of abstraction allow you to decorate a particular part of the body, make it more attractive and effective. In addition, it is possible to create a complex composition, which will not be straightforward to give an idea of ​​what you are.

The beauty of abstraction lies in creating something non-binding, vague, not always understandable to the layman. This kind of art makes it possible to realize the most difficult and daring fantasies. It is not surprising that it is in this style that the most catchy tattoo masterpieces are created.

The ornament can be located on the body without much logic, chaotically, or you can use an orderly method of drawing pictures. In fact, this allows you to create any image subject to the imagination. Only personal taste and individual characteristics play an important role in the choice of such patterns. Most often, this style is preferred by people who are creative, non-trivial, seeking to emphasize their uniqueness. It is not surprising that they give the impression of people with an extraordinary type of thinking, with a special view of the world.

The owners of abstract tattoos demonstrate their desire to disobey the general rules, avoiding stereotyped thinking and stereotypes. Standing out from the crowd is the goal of those who choose an abstract direction.

If the original purpose of the tattoo was to convey this or that information, to tell about your merits and achievements, now everything has changed. Modern men choosing tattoos in this style do not seek to show their superiority over others. The main task of a tattoo is to emphasize the individuality of a person, to tell not about his exploits, but about the inner world. Therefore, abstraction is ideal for those wishing to show the rejection of norms and patterns.

Overview of options

Abstract sketches for men, as already mentioned, do not have a clear semantic load, but they are not devoid of meaning at all. Tattoos of this type can tell something about the owner, at least show his taste preferences. If a professional psychologist gets down to business, he will be able to understand much more about a person. The absence of a hidden code of the sacred type does not mean that the sketch has no subtext. Even whether a person prefers black and white or color images speaks volumes.

  • Pastel shades and flowing lines. Abstract drawings of this type - soft, streamlined, in restrained colors - demonstrate the kindness, ease of communication of the owner. Such tattoos are chosen by men of a calm disposition, who are used to conquering with their charisma, charm and try to avoid conflicts and aggression.
  • Sharp geometry and contrast. The use of such details suggests that the owner of the tattoo has an accurate look at a particular object, is always confident in himself. Sharp corners in the drawing symbolize determination, impulsive disposition, the search for harmony. The more geometry in the composition, the more it indicates a sharpness in temperament and character.
  • Ethnic and religious motives. They are used by those men who seek to show their position to the world, and sometimes it simply indicates a particular hobby. A sketch with angular figures using black, red speaks of an impulsive and irascible disposition.

However, under such a tattoo there may be a vulnerable person who seeks to protect himself as much as possible from external aggression.

  • Intricate ornamentation and vibrant colors. Contrary to belief, such drawings are chosen by good-natured, cheerful and optimistic men. They want to decorate the world in this way, to make it brighter and more fun.

To emphasize their character and personality traits, men choose several types of abstract drawings, which require their own elements. For example, when creating religious-ethnic compositions, they most often imitate different types of materials: metal objects, animal skins, tree bark. A point method is often used to create the outline of an object, an animal. As for the actual elements of abstract sketches, the following are in the lead among them:

  • moon - shows the strength of the spirit, his victory over everything else;
  • the sun - as a sign of eternal life, the very eternity of the universe;
  • shark - will emphasize perseverance, dedication, desire to go to the end;
  • lizard - will allow you to demonstrate courage, lack of weakness, determination and a paramilitary mood.

Where to locate?

The choice of the zone on which the tattoo of an abstract type is located is an important point, one cannot rely on chance in this matter. First of all, a well-chosen image can emphasize the beauty and relief of the biceps, triceps. Therefore, men often fill images on the shoulder, forearm, arm in general. It should be noted that abstract tattoos do not look too adequate on the bodies of slender, thin men. Unfortunately, a tattoo can emphasize the lack of volume and relief, it is worth evaluating this moment sensibly, and choosing a less active and noticeable area for application.

Abstractly, abstraction can be stuffed on any part of the body, much depends on whether the owner wants to constantly demonstrate it or not. The direction itself has a peculiarity - the rejection of any rules, therefore there are no clear forms here.

But there are zones that are especially popular among fans of the abstract style.

  • Shoulders, sleeve, arm in general. It is considered the ideal choice for this type of tattoo. You can create a small sketch like a bracelet or fill the entire sleeve. It all depends on the lifestyle, style and desires of the man.
  • Back. If you want to print on a large and level surface, this is the optimal area. If you wish, you can create a composition like a painting, complex, full-fledged, effective. In addition, the back is hidden by clothing at normal times of everyday life, so a tattoo will not hurt with a strict dress code.
  • Bracelets. They can be located on the wrist, arm, leg, be narrow or wide. This option allows you to emphasize the beauty of the muscles and strength.
  • Small of the back. But this area is rarely used by men to create abstract ensembles. On the other hand, if a man is not afraid to draw attention to his lower back, this is a good choice.

Recently, gender stereotypes of this kind have become a thing of the past.

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