Tattoo amulets for men and their meaning

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Varieties and sketches
  3. Tips for choosing an image
  4. Accommodation options

People began to use tattoos as amulets and protective symbols a very long time ago. Such wearable designs have always had some kind of sacred meaning and were designed to protect people from various misfortunes and troubles.


Earlier, men's tattoos depicting amulets were used for protection in battle. In addition, they reminded of a person's belonging to a particular class and strengthened the connection with ancestors.

Modern tattoos are designed to fulfill the same function. They guide the person and give him self-confidence. This can be explained even from the point of view of psychology. After all, if a person sees an image every day, he begins to perceive its message at a subconscious level.

Such tattoos are usually chosen with particular care. They should be as thoughtful and detailed as possible.

Varieties and sketches

Tattoo amulets for men are different. Therefore, a person with any worldview can choose a suitable sketch for himself.

Different nations of the world

People all over the world use tattoos to decorate their bodies. Each culture has its own thematic amulets.

  • Buddhist. The most popular Buddhist symbols are om, mandala and lotus flower. The first sign brings balance to a person's life. The mandala is applied to their bodies by strong personalities striving for spiritual development and preservation of vital energy. The lotus is a symbol of purity and craving for light.
  • Indian. Ancient Indian culture is also popular with tattoo lovers. First of all, people turn their attention to dream catchers. These signs protect people from bad dreams and dark forces. Instead of a full-fledged catcher, a small image of a feather can also be applied to the body. This sign is a symbol of wisdom and spirituality. Another great tattoo option is the image of Kokopelli, one of the main Indian deities. Such a symbol is best suited for people who are inclined to take risks. He will protect them from failure and loss.
  • Celtic. The ancient Celts used to decorate their bodies with intricate patterns. Inspired by Celtic culture, a person can choose an abstract tattoo or a drawing depicting an animal or mythical creature. Such pictures do not look very realistic, but beautiful.

Protective symbols taken from different cultures should not be combined. In this case, they will lose their meaning.

Protection of the gods

Another great option for a talisman is a tattoo with a symbol associated with some kind of deity. Most often, signs related to the following gods are chosen for this purpose.

  • Veles. This is a Slavic god who patronized sorcerers, travelers and farmers. To get his protection, a person should stuff on his body the image of the deity himself or the sign of Veles, reminiscent of an inverted letter "A".
  • Perun. The Thunderer is the lord of lightning and the patron saint of the upper classes. The symbols of this deity are considered to be a hammer and a kolovrat with six rays. Protective tattoos with the symbols of Perun are most often made monochrome, occasionally supplemented with scarlet paint.
  • Svarog. Tattoos associated with this god not only protect their wearers, but also give them perseverance and self-confidence. An excellent tattoo option is the image of an eight-pointed star called "Alatyr".

Instead of tattoos associated with Slavic gods, you can also use images associated with deities from other pantheons.

For luck

Various protective talismans are also popular among those who want to get a tattoo. The following signs can bring good luck to a person's life.

  • Horseshoe. This symbol of luck is known to almost everyone. The horseshoe attracts not only good luck to a person's life, but also prosperity. The main thing is to stuff it in the correct position.
  • Clover. Another popular symbol is the four-petaled clover. As a rule, it is made bright green. The picture can be supplemented with a short thematic inscription.
  • Star. This symbol of good luck was chosen by sailors. Nowadays, tattoos with stars are also often stuffed on the body. They go well with other tattoos and don't take up much space.

Such tattoos are usually made small and stuffed in a place hidden from prying eyes.


There are also more personal protective symbols. One of the most popular options is a tattoo depicting the zodiac sign or a symbol associated with it. Drawing of Aries, Scorpio or Gemini will strengthen the best qualities of a person, and also attract good luck into his life.

Often, the image of their totem animal is also applied to the body. Such a tattoo endows a person with the qualities of a chosen animal or bird. So, the raven adds wisdom to him, the fox - grace, the bear - decisiveness. In this case, it is not necessary to use a large drawing. It is enough to fill the body with a print of a wolf's paw or the head of a bird.

It is also worth remembering that you need to carefully use a tattoo with totem animals, because such symbols consolidate the power of the talisman with the chosen palace. Special care should be taken with tattoos associated with the other world.

Hieroglyphs and runes

Choosing a small protective tattoo, you can pay attention to runes or hieroglyphs. They can even be placed on your neck or on your fingers.

  • Scandinavian runic symbols. Northern runes have great power. They are directly related to the Scandinavian gods. For protection, you can use a few of the most appropriate symbols. Uruz will help bring changes to human life. The rune of Jer is suitable for protection against negativity, for health improvement - Ken.
  • Slavic runes. Slavic runes also have power. Most often, men apply protective signs such as Peace, Rainbow or Theft on their bodies. These symbols help the descendants of the ancient Slavs find their place in the world and protect themselves from failures.
  • Hieroglyphs. Oriental hieroglyphs are also suitable for creating a tattoo. These meaningful tattoos can bring happiness and good luck to life. The main thing is to study the meaning of the selected hieroglyphs, and not fill them thoughtlessly.

Both hieroglyphs and runic signs can be stuffed one at a time or in groups. They are often combined with other oriental symbols. This helps to enhance the meaning of such a tattoo.

From damage and evil eye

Separately, one can single out tattoos designed to protect men from damage. When choosing a sketch, you should pay attention to the following popular symbols.

  • Cross. This symbol is most often chosen by Orthodox Christians. It is believed that such a tattoo is able to protect its owner from magic and unkind looks.
  • Fern flower. This tattoo is also often called "Perun's color". She is able to protect a person from negativity and envy. It is recommended to fill a tattoo on the chest or back. This is one of those drawings that is most often done in color.
  • Eye of Horus. A drawing depicting an eye in a pyramid endows a person with wisdom, and also protects him from darkness. This ancient Egyptian symbol is recommended for strong and confident men. For people who constantly doubt themselves, such a drawing will only harm.

You can enhance the meaning of any of these tattoos by adding some meaningful inscription to it.

Tips for choosing an image

When choosing a protective tattoo, a man should pay attention to the following points.

  1. Performance style. When creating a unique sketch, you need to decide in what style the tattoo will be performed. If possible, a temporary tattoo should be applied to the body. This will help avoid wrong decisions.Indeed, in a few days a person will have time to understand whether he likes the chosen drawing or not.
  2. Color spectrum. Men's tattoos are usually done in black and white. They look discreet and beautiful. But this does not mean that the use of colored accents will ruin such a drawing. The main thing is to do it in moderation.
  3. Dimensions. An important role in choosing a tattoo is played by its size. Small drawings are usually chosen by people who have a strict dress code at work. Creative personalities can safely get more voluminous and vibrant tattoos.

Do not rush to get a tattoo. In the old days, men were allowed to decorate their bodies with body drawings only at a conscious age. Before that, teenagers could only wear amulets made of wood. The necessary symbols were depicted on them.

Accommodation options

A tattoo with a talisman can be placed on any part of the body. Men usually stuff them on their hands. The tattoo can be placed on the shoulder or forearm as well as on the fingers. A larger drawing should be stuffed on the leg or neck. Full-fledged volumetric paintings, as a rule, decorate the chest or back.

When choosing a place for a tattoo, the shape of a person who decides to get a tattoo is also important. After all, wearable drawings always attract attention.

Before getting a tattoo with a picture of a talisman, it is very important to weigh the pros and cons and choose the perfect sketch for yourself. You need to get a tattoo from a trusted master. In this case, the body drawing will be not only beautiful, but also really significant for a person.

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