All about men's sternum lion tattoos

All about men's sternum lion tattoos
  1. Meaning
  2. Views and sketches
  3. Nuances of application

The lion is one of the noblest and most regal animals. This is a purely masculine symbol that representatives of the stronger sex often choose for their tattoos. The little lion, as a rule, is not depicted, more often large and voluminous images are chosen. And for this, the sternum area is best suited.


Men's sternum lion tattoos have been popular for many years.... Ancient peoples often personified lions with gods, and the features of this animal also appeared in many mythical creatures, for example, chimeras or sphinxes. In China, this animal meant power, while in Buddhism, lions were considered protectors. There is such a symbol in the Christian religion, but here it can be interpreted in two ways. On the one hand, the lion is a real ruler, the king of beasts, who is distinguished by courage and strength. But on the other hand, this same power can also dazzle.

Be that as it may, there is no doubt that the lion tattoo looks big. Such drawings are often chosen by strong personalities. It is very important to match your tattoo. If a lion is stuffed by a weak person without willpower, honor and any moral principles, then such a tattoo will look ridiculous. In modern interpretations, an animal located on the chest means wisdom, calmness, strength, nobility, honesty.

The drawing of the beast also suggests that its bearer has a fierce character, easily struggles with difficulties.

Views and sketches

There are not so many styles for depicting a lion on the chest today, especially if it is a male tattoo. So, it is best for men to choose realism... In a similar style, everything is drawn to the smallest detail, so the animal will look very realistic.

Another good stylistic direction - oriental... Pictures of vegetation and animals are often used here. Oriental style tattoos are always voluminous, saturated with color. They look like large and well-executed paintings. Very beautiful lions on the chest are obtained in such styles as graphics, Black & Gray, fantasy, organic.

Different color palette can be chosen for male lion tattoos... The monochromatic range can be considered classical. However, it is better to choose such a palette if the drawing depicts any part of the animal. This is mainly the head. Rich and vibrant colors add volume to the tattoo. They are often used when there are many small details that need to be highlighted. In addition, rich colors add depth to the image.

Sketches for tattoos can be different too. For example, many men like crowned lions. It may be a bit stereotypical, but it looks impressive anyway. Moreover, it is not necessary to depict the classic face of the beast, crowned with a crown. You can get a tattoo in the English style, where several lions are depicted in full growth, and a crown between them. Such designs are often complemented with roses.

The lion on the chest can be either calm or grinning. The second option is much more common.

Sometimes the tattoo depicts another animal, which the lion grins at. It is important that it also be predatory. A rabbit or a fox will look strange, to put it mildly. If we talk about a calm animal, then the royal lion can be supplemented with the image of a lioness or a cub.

The beast in the image can be both static and dynamic. A lot of guys like the lion in attack, throwing itself at the opponent. Such a tattoo suggests that its owner is ready to defend his truth to the end, to fight for his own life and the lives of his loved ones.

The lion's mane in the drawings can also be depicted in different ways. The classic version is the usual fluffy mane.If the drawing is colored, it is yellow or red, brownish. However, in some cases it can have an unnatural shade: electric blue, red. Such tattoos are mainly done in the style of old school or new school. Sometimes the mane consists of feathers, flowers.

The drawing of the king of beasts can be supplemented with various components. There are a lot of them. These are symbols of the signs of the zodiac, and Roman numerals, and skulls. An interesting idea would be to combine the animal with a quote or motto that is close to you in spirit. The lion can also be depicted in its natural habitat. For example, among the savannah trees or tall grass. Sometimes an animal from the "The Lion King" cartoon is also chosen.

Nuances of application

A lion chest tattoo is a great solution for a man. It will not affect the dress code if it is required at work, since it is easy to close this area with a shirt, sweater. These tattoos are not too painful compared to other parts of the body. However, if the image enters the rib area, then you still have to endure the pain, since here men have thin skin and a very small layer of fat.

It is worth noting that it is necessary to apply such drawings to men with a good figure who go in for sports. The raised muscles will draw more attention to themselves.

If there is excess weight, or its constant jumps, then it is better to choose another place for application, since the tattoo will constantly deform.

Before applying a tattoo, you need to choose a good salon and a professional artist, especially if you plan to make a large drawing. The location of the lion is determined by the desire of the client himself. The animal's muzzle can be applied to the left or right side of the chest, in its middle. Some patterns occupy the entire sternum, and some descend or rise, capturing the abdomen, the area of ​​the collarbones, and the sleeves. And you also need to understand that creating volumetric images takes a lot of time. You will have to come to the master repeatedly, and the healing period can last a month or longer. A tattoo before its final appearance may look unaesthetic.

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