Men's tattoo in the form of a cross on the arm

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Views and sketches
  3. Location options

Men's arm cross tattoos are quite common. They have different interesting meanings. In this article, we will consider in more detail everything about men's underwear drawings in the form of a cross on the arm, their features, types and sketches, as well as possible locations.


As you know, the cross is a fateful sign that relates to eternal concepts: prophets and saints, faith and power, death and life, and so on. Usually, faith or lack of it is a personal choice, therefore the symbol of the cross has different interpretations. If a man decides to decorate his arm with a cross-shaped tattoo, then he wants to emphasize his views, beliefs and general outlook.

Generally, the cross is primarily associated with Christianity, although such a drawing may indicate other religions. Usually, men of the Orthodox faith also depict Christ, as well as other saints, along with the cross. Some people, on the contrary, having outdated principles, regard such actions from a negative point of view.

Usually, representatives of the stronger sex give preference to this kind of wearable designs. You can consider the presence of a cross on your hand as an expression of your gratitude to unknown forces, their reverence and gratitude.

It is customary to depict the cross in black and white colors. Recently, colored tattoos are also increasingly common. Now, a tattoo on the arm in the form of a cross can have both a believer and a rather aggressive person, thereby emphasizing their disregard for the generally accepted framework of modern society.

If we consider esotericists, then the cross on the hand can also have a double decoding, since this object is associated with both positive emotions and black magic. The value of the underwear pattern will primarily depend on the worldview and morality of the person who has decided to decorate her body. In addition, the presence of a cross tattoo symbolizes the memory of a loved one who died. It is customary to add a portrait of the deceased nearby, you can even indicate his years of life, name.

Usually men prefer large tattoos, in addition, they are usually complemented with a variety of symbols and elements.

It should be noted that in different cultures the image of a cross on a man's hand has different meanings. So, the Chinese associate such a tattoo with the road to heaven. If this symbol is represented in a square, then such an image is considered as life on earth. For the Celts, such a tattoo was a symbol of fertility and masculinity, meant cyclicality, unity with the world. In Germany in the twentieth century, the image of a cross on the hand was a sign of the Nazis, so some people even now cannot understand what message the tattoo on a man's hand carries: interest in ancient origins or attitude towards fascism.

The cross is popular among Africans as well. In their culture, he is the personification of power and patronage, an appeal to higher powers. But among the Egyptians, such a tattoo is a symbol of eternity, spirituality and immortality. If the cross is depicted on the body of a Mexican, then it acts as a symbol of God who controls natural forces. And for Christians, the cross was initially considered as an instrument of torture, and only after the crucifixion of Christ did this symbol acquire a radically different meaning. The cross is seen as a very powerful attribute of salvation. In ancient times, during the period of chivalry, such a tattoo gave the knight strength, honor and valor.

Views and sketches

Body drawing in the form of a cross on the arm can be represented by the following types:

  • Catholic - it is customary to call it also Latin, it includes two perpendicular lines, this is a symbol of the staff of the god Apollo;
  • orthodox - usually such a cross is depicted together with Jesus Christ, since it symbolizes his death;
  • Celtic - this drawing includes a cross in a circle, in addition, rays emanate from it, such a symbol looks very beautiful and impressive;
  • Ankh - this symbol has been known since the times of Ancient Egypt, its original meaning is the beginning of life, now it is considered as a sign of wisdom, eternal life and rebirth.

The variety of sketches is simply mesmerizing, so it will be possible to choose the best option based on personal preferences and wishes. You can use both small characters and fairly large and colorful wearable designs. In addition, the cross is usually complemented with various elements, for example: a rose, feathers, patterns, chains or an inscription. It is worth paying attention to several popular sketches.

  • If the cross is made in tandem with the wings, such a combination will become the embodiment of spirituality and purity.

The body drawing will look very beautiful in the style of realism.

  • Praying hands with a cross on a chain have become very popular lately. This drawing has a very deep meaning: guidance on the right path, faith in God and maintaining a spiritual connection.
  • On the shoulder, they usually depict tattoos made in the 3D technique. They look pretty realistic. Such a choice is made by brutal men who are ready to defend their point of view.
  • The drawing, in which a girl is holding a cross with a rosary, attracts attention with deep meaning and large size. Only a professional can depict such a masterpiece.

Location options

It is very important not only to choose the type and sketch of the cross, but also to think over where it will be located, since this criterion can completely change the value of this attribute. If the tattoo is stuffed with a specific purpose, then its location will play a major role. Let's consider the possible options in more detail.

  • On the shoulder. Usually a Celtic cross is depicted on this part of the hand, its presence symbolizes that its owner thinks about the future, and also thinks about the eternal. Other versions of the cross are rarely depicted here, since a radically different result is possible - the symbol can attract difficulties and litigation.
  • On the forearm. This place is very popular with men. The cross in this place shows that the owner of such a wearable pattern is especially concerned with his image, he is drawn to God, he has an inner core.
  • On the wrist. The drawing in this place shows that its owner wants to start his life from scratch, tries to completely forget his past. Such a tattoo will allow you to calm down and continue your life.
  • On the finger. Usually, a cross is depicted here only in one case: when a person is overwhelmed with emotions of grief for a loved one who has died.
  • In the form of a sleeve. This option is quite popular among the strong half. Such a body picture indicates a strong will and passion, a person sets goals for himself, which sooner or later he achieves.

Men's tattoos in the form of a cross on the arm are quite popular. They help to show their individuality, to show aspiration and faith in the future. Each sketch has its own unique meaning, therefore, before choosing both the drawing itself and the location, it is recommended to find out what exactly the tattoo in the form of a cross will symbolize.

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