What kind of male tattoos can I get on the elbow?

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Popular ideas and sketches
  3. Nuances of application

Modern men are very fond of decorating their bodies with tattoos. Most often, they choose the forearm, the area of ​​the back or calves, and the sternum for this. However, there are those who are not looking for easy ways by getting tattoos on the elbow. We will talk about the features of such images in the article.


The first male elbow tattoos date back to the time of the ancient Egyptian kingdom. Such drawings were performed in a complex technique, curled in spirals, it was difficult to quickly assess them visually. Understanding the meaning also became a problem. In the modern world, the interpretations are much simpler, and the drawings do not always carry a deep philosophical meaning.

The location of the pattern on the elbow has several advantages.

  • Showiness. The elbow is a rather rare place to decorate. Therefore, a tattoo in this area will attract attention. Despite the type and style of the pattern, such tattoos always look spectacular and unusual.
  • The ability to both hide the tattoo and leave it in plain sight. People who are required to follow the dress code will definitely appreciate this, because it is not permissible to show drawings on the body at every job.
  • Diversity. On the elbow, you can stuff a variety of sketches. The look of the tattoo will depend only on the imagination of the customer and the skill of the performer.

The only significant disadvantage is the painful sensations. The skin on the elbows is rather thin, the bone is felt very well. Therefore, the filling process is not a pleasure for anyone.

Popular ideas and sketches

Many beautiful designs can be drawn on the elbow. Let's see what men most often choose.

  • Web. The spider web pattern is a classic version of the elbow tattoo. In this case, the net should fill the entire elbow area. It is very effective when a spider is stuffed in the area of ​​the bone, frozen in anticipation.
  • Roses. These tattoos are popular with romantic men. At the same time, roses can be both colored and black and white, minimalistic.
  • Rose of Wind. Such a symbol is often stuffed by those who love travel, discoveries, and the culture of different countries.
  • Scull. This tattoo is also at the peak of its popularity. She has many interpretations, everyone chooses their own. However, it is not uncommon for men to make such tattoos simply because of their spectacular appearance. Skulls can be complemented with flowers, butterflies, inscriptions. There are also options for sketches with bones crossed at the bottom, like on a pirate flag.
  • Dragon or snake enclosed in a circle. This drawing depicts an animal that eats its own tail. Those who fill such an image strive to show the cycle of things, their cyclical nature, that everything is interconnected.
  • Mandala. There are hundreds of options for different mandalas, both multicolored and monochromatic. Such drawings are very interesting to look at, as they have many small details.
  • Celtic patterns. The symbols of the ancient Celts find many admirers in the modern world. This culture has many talismans, one of which can be chosen as a talisman.
  • Spiral. This is a classic version of an elbow tattoo. Often a snail shell is depicted in the form of a spiral. This is a very interesting sketch that even looks like a 3D image.

Of course, the sketches of the tattoo are not limited to the proposed options. There are many more successful ideas in the catalogs of the masters.

Separately, it should be said about the styles of drawings. So, men generally choose one of the following areas:

  • celtic;
  • Polynesia;
  • abstraction;
  • new school;
  • minimalism.

Nuances of application

Tattoos in the elbow area are painful, therefore, a few days before the procedure, exclude alcohol from the diet, and do not drink coffee on the day of the visit. Such foods only make the situation worse, and the pain is felt more.

In addition, you only need to apply the drawing in a professional tattoo parlor and from a good master.

The point is that the elbow is a part of the body that constantly moves. At the same time, the drawing should look harmonious, and not be curved. It is not easy to achieve this effect, especially if it is an image with fine details.

If you are going to put a symbol or hieroglyph on your elbow, first find out its full meaning, so that later you do not look ridiculous. The same goes for inscriptions in languages ​​you don't know.

When we talk about tattoos on the elbow, we mean not only a round bone and a small area around it. In fact, there is much more space here. So, tattoos can be done above or below the elbow area, on the fold. In the latter case, animals with an open mouth will look amazing. You can place the drawing under the elbow and on the inside. Some of the images go all the way to the brush. The drawings around the elbow also look very interesting, these are the so-called bracelets. Lettering or intricate ornaments will look great here.

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