Types of Yin-Yang tattoos for men and their meaning

  1. Features and meaning
  2. Overview of options
  3. Places for accommodation

Tattoos depicting the Yin-Yang sign, which came from Eastern culture, are suitable for both girls and men and are in high demand. We will tell you about what a male tattoo with this symbol means and what its variants are in our article.

Features and meaning

The Yin-Yang tattoo is popular among males. In this case, as a rule, such a tattoo is done not only for aesthetic reasons - it carries a certain message.

The history of this sign began a long time ago in China, namely in the mythology of the inhabitants of this country, but at the present time it has become widespread throughout the world and has become present in many religions of the countries of the East. In the traditional philosophical interpretation, the classic Yin-Yang sign denotes the union of two principles of a single reality. But Guenon interpreted this symbol as a powerful storm, which is capable of swirling two opposites and achieving their merger.

In Feng Shui, Yin-Yang symbolizes both unification and opposition between two different principles. It should be noted that, despite all the differences between opposites, they generate each other and are not able to live separately.

Often this sign is also understood as a fusion of the energies of a man and a woman, where black Yin is a symbol of the female essence, and white Yang is, respectively, masculine. At the same time, Yin is also the personification of everything negative and dark, and Yang, on the contrary, is the personification of everything positive. However, you should not perceive the first exclusively in a negative way, because this part of the sign is also a symbol of fertility and harmony.

This sign is at the same time the personification of world unity, harmonious and conflict-free coexistence of two opposites: life and death, white and black, good and evil, hot and cold. And at the same time it symbolizes the duality of the universe.

For a more complete understanding of the meaning of this symbol, it is worth taking a closer look at it. Note that in it, the two opposites are enclosed in a circle, which is a symbol of infinity. This means that the opposition of opposites will last forever - it has no end.

In general, for a person who wears a body pattern with Yin-Yang, this symbol will mean inner harmony and peace of mind, which will be relevant regardless of what period is now happening in the life of the tattoo wearer: good or bad. It is also believed that such a body sign can help get rid of problems and contradictions, strengthen the vitality of its owner. At the same time, we note that such a meaning of a tattoo is relevant for both women and men.

Overview of options

There are many options for sketches of male tattoos with the Yin-Yang sign.

Most often, men apply the traditional version of this sign, that is, a circle, inside which there are two symbols opposite in meaning: white and black. Such a drawing can serve both as an independent tattoo, and as an addition to some larger plot. Often, for a change, its inner part is filled with various patterns in the form of curls and not only, which gives the tattoo originality. Such a drawing will symbolize a person's striving for harmony both in inner life and in outer life.

Often the Yin-Yang sign is also applied as paired tattoos by two people in love. Such a tattoo will mean that harmony reigns in people's relationships.Despite all the contradictions that sometimes arise between them, they simply cannot or do not want to exist without each other.

There are other options for applying such a wearable image. So, sketches are often found where Yin-Yang appears in the form of two opposing elements: fire and water. Such a tattoo is especially relevant in Eastern culture, because the healers living there believe that each of the people has something of all four elements, but parts of these elements are usually unequal.

Such a variant of the Yin-Yang tattoo is also widespread, where two opposite halves appear in the form of two animals. The meaning of such a body pattern may vary depending on which animals are depicted on it. So, the tiger and dragon as Yin-Yang will symbolize masculine and feminine.

And if there is only one dragon in the picture, wrapping its paws around a sign, then such a tattoo means not only inner harmony, but also wisdom and strength.

Such a sketch of a tattoo is also popular, where the two halves of the sign appear in the form of trees. One of them, as a rule, is colored black, but grows in the daytime. The second tree is tinted white and grows at night.

Flowers in such plots can also be present. Usually these are peonies, symbolizing the male Yang energy, and violets, which contain the female Yin energy.

Often, Yin-Yang also appears in the form of two snakes, the heads of which end up on different fields through holes, which are also found in the traditional symbol. Such a tattoo means a person's desire to try something new, a desire for brighter emotions and sensations that have not yet been observed in his life.

Places for accommodation

A Yin-Yang tattoo can be placed on any part of the body.

It is worth choosing a place for its placement based on your own preferences, as well as the scale and plot of the picture.

This has no effect on the value of the image.

So, the most accurate tattoo will look in the area of ​​the wrist. Usually, small drawings are applied in this area, which can be either black and white or colored. The same tattoos will be appropriate in the ankle area.

But on the shoulder and forearm, it would be best to place larger patterns that occupy a larger area of ​​skin.

They will also look appropriate around the back, shoulder blades, chest or hips. However, the last place is not often chosen by men for tattooing.

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